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IS initiates counter-offensive at Kirkuk in Mosul Iraq fight

IS initiates counter-offensive at Kirkuk in Mosul Iraq fight

IS militants have increased a fierce retaliation in north of Iraq, taking life of at least 19 citizens in and about the Kirkuk city.

They assaulted buildings of government, taking life of at least 6 police officers, and an under construction power station, where 13 workers passed away, officials states.

12 fighters of IS in addition allegedly passed away and combating seems to be ongoing.

On Monday Kurdish and Government forces started a longed-for action in opposition to the capital of IS in Iraq, Mosul.

Mosul lies 105 miles (170km) to Kirkuk north-east, an international city asserted by both central government of Iraq and Kurds.

On Friday Government forces stated they had reclaimed power of additional 2 villages, Nanaha and al-Awaizat Mosul’s south, saving 65 dislocated families and taking life of 15 IS radicals.

Hours subsequent to the first assault, eyewitnesses in Kirkuk stated gunfire may possibly still be going on and radicals were walking explicitly on the streets. Preliminary reports recommended 16 civilians killed.

Local media states a condition of emergency is announced and Friday prayers have been called off as mosques stay closed.

An agency of news associated to IS stated fighters had busted into city hall of Kirkuk and held a central hotel other than officials rejected this.

Brig Gen Sarhad Qadir, chief of District police said to the BBC, suicide bombers and further IS combatants had assaulted 3 buildings of police and head office of a political faction in Kirkuk.

The Najm al-Din Karim, Kirkuk’s governor, persisted that Peshmerga fighters of Kurd and counter-violence forces were entirely in power of the circumstances.

He held responsible the assault on sleeper cells of IS. “Because of the continuing Mosul attack, they may desire to make a condition where armed forces would be reserved from there and the focal point moved to Kirkuk,” Mr Karim said to Rudaw a Kurdish agency of news.