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Where are initiatives spoken by Melania Trump: Melania Trump’s Cyber bullying campaign?

Where are initiatives spoken by Melania Trump: Melania Trump’s Cyber bullying campaign?

U.S president’s wife and historic first lady of America, Melania Trump pledged in past that a campaign would be run by her against cyber bullying. This initiative statement was passed by her before elections.

She said that when his husband will become president she will make efforts to stop bullying. But now she seems side-line regarding this initiative. Where she must appear in news regarding her this cyber bullying campaign she is seemed in news with titles, “Melania Trump’s net worth “ and “Melania Trump’s plastic surgery”.

Activists and leader which are already working against cyber bullying mentioned that up-till now neither Melania nor her staff (East wing staff) has contacted with them.

On this matter, new Jercy “Rider University” first historian lady Myra Gutin said that, “I’m not seeing any movement towards an initiative that she’s endorsed. She’s hired some staff but not up to the level that other first ladies have done by now.”

Stephanie Grisham (Trump’s press Secretary) mentioned that Melania’s initiative regarding cyber bullying is on path of progress and is about to start soon. He further said, “Mrs. Trump is being very thoughtful when it comes to building out her initiatives”. He explained that Mrs. Trump is very careful about her work and she believes in quality not quantity so she is hiring staff for this initiative and will officially start this campaign soon.

Activists against cyber bullying are hoping that she will start her initiative campaign soon.

Institute of Digital Media and Child Development’s founder said that, “We have tried to reach out to her and offer the services and expertise of our organization; so far, we have not heard back,” He further said that, Still, “I’m delighted that Melania Trump chose cyber bullying. I think she could do a tremendous amount for the children and adolescents who are suffering as a result of it.”

Well! We hope that Melania’s campaign against cyber bullying will eradicate cyber bullying from society soon!