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iOS 10 FAQs – A Troubleshooting Guide In 2017

With iOS 10 available already on the supported iPhones and iPads, there are a lot of new things popping up about the new iPhone. Just like any other major update to the OS, some users are facing issues with the latest iOS 10 as well. So, we have come up with a troubleshooting guide for the iOS 10 users featuring some of the common problems that have been reported lately. Take a look and find out what may be causing these potential problems.

I was downloading iOS 10 and my iPhone seems to have bricked up! Why?

Your iPhone/iPad is not bricked, technically. If you are eventually able to recover it somehow, it means whatever you are facing is temporary. It’s just that you are not able to figure out why your device is not working and how to get it back to normal.

Well, I also had the same problem while I was installing the iOS on my personal iPad. It only took me few tries to bring it back to normal. You may not even have to restore your device to Factory Settings for this.

I just don’t like it with iOS 10. Can I revert back to iOS 9?

iOS 10 andios 9

Well, that’s normal and there are always some people who are not receptive to all the changes that come with major iOS updates. Whether it is a favorite feature of yours that has been removed or you just can’t get along with the bolder, bigger design, it is always possible to revert the changes and restore to some archived backup which might have saved at the time of upgrading.

I just don’t like the way I have to press Home Button for unlocking my iPhone

Well, that’s pretty much the case with everyone who just got used to the complete opposite Home Button mechanism in the iOS 9. Though, Touch ID was so quick that we might even miss notifications sometimes, but one didn’t always need to press Home Button for unlocking the iPhone. Well, Apple gives you a quick fix to that even in iOS 10 and only with some changes to settings, you can get back that zippy unlock feature.

What about that battery drain with iOS 10?

If you feel that the battery of your iPhone goes dry after a day’s use, it’s a common drawback that almost everyone who has upgraded to the iOS 10 is experiencing. Well, that might be due to the fact that your iPhone is indexing all those new goodies. Usually, that issue diminishes within few days.

iOS 10 andios 9

Why isn’t my slam animation visible to my friend on his device?

If you’re just like me then you’d also have tried sending animated messages to your friends right after upgrading to iOS 10. But they might not see the same thing on their device. The problem simply is that they might not have upgraded to the new iOS by now.

Anyone using older versions of the iOS may not see the same effects on their device. As there is no backward compatibility for such messages as of now, all your friends will get is some weird notification.

Why Can’t I See Bubble Effects On My iPhone Running iOS 10?

If you have received some bubble effect from one of your friends and it is not appearing on your iPhone then you might have enabled Reduce Motion. It is an accessibility feature which uses the physics engine which is also used by Bubble effects in the Messages app. So, you should first try disabling it and then see if bubble effects work or not.

So, these are some of the common queries that people have about iOS 10, if you are facing some other problem then you can share it with us in comments.