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Iraqi army gathering forces close to Mosul earlier than attack on IS

Iraqi army gathering forces close to Mosul earlier than attack on IS

Spectacular footage of drone demonstrates the army of Iraq building up its power at Mosul gates, getting ready to re-take the city as the major government attack enters its 2nd week.

Armored vehicles of Iraqi army are positioned at a campsite on southeast border of Iraq’s 2nd-biggest city, which for 2 years has been the stronghold of Islamic State. The recording shows vehicles encircled by the servicemen of Iraqi army speckled on the huge camp area. A few of the miners are still excavating trenches in final-minute measures for what is expected as a height of the action that has been in progress for a week by now.

A news correspondent explained the condition on south ground of Mosul in his most recent report. While moving back, militants of Islamic State are taking care that nothing precious is left at the back, while they not only take life of people and demolish memorials but in addition overthrow buildings of government, and put fire to wells of oil, pumping stations and refinery, carrying the free areas about Mosul to the edge of an ecological disaster.

“The militants of IS set on fire an oil well close to Qayyarah previous to they moved away, which is still on fire,” the reporter stated, adding up that the smoke of black color has reached over a huge area, arriving at the combat zone.

Previously, terrorists put fire to the left over stockpiles in Mishraq at a sulfur factory. The poisonous gases have overflowed the area, originating harsh breathing complexities, which influenced hundreds of citizens. The army of Iraq has lately dealt with to re-take the facility.

“We took back power over the Mishraq sulfur plant, which terrorists were utilizing for numerous years to set up their vehicles by means of explosives and to make offhand devices of explosive,” the chief of National Police (NP) of Iraq said, adding up that army of Iraq has since taken back 56 wells of oil.