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ISIS enforces civilians to move back alongside them from Mosul close by town.

ISIS enforces civilians to move back alongside them from Mosul close by town.

Jihadists close to the Mosul northern city have enforced 1,500 family units to move back with them as radicals are drived out by a combined US-support offensive. Aid associations state they are anxious by “significant humanitarian costs” of the military action.

Terrorists of IS enforced civilians to go with them as they moved back from Hammam al-Alil town in the direction of Mosul airport, Ravina Shamdasani, speaker for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights publicized on Tuesday.

Together with 1,500 families, IS abducted 295 ex-members of Security Forces of Iraq.

“People powerfully abducted or moved, it emerges, are either planned to be utilized as shields or depending on their apparent association, killed,” stated by UN official.

With over a million people supposed to be locked in Mosul region, humanitarian groups have cautioned that US-directed operation to re-take city could go ahead to awful results for civilians.

Whereas tactics of terrorists to utilize people as shields are “totally intolerable and illicit,” they in addition set certain compulsions on those combating the militants in thickly populated regions.

“Other combating parties should plan their military actions and take action in view of that to do the lot in their authority to decrease the misery of civilians,” Helen Durham, ICRC Director of International Law and Policy stated.

“From the perspective of ICRC, the utilization of military in the manner that is being talked about potentially makes major humanitarian results,” she added up, stating that humanitarian groups “needs to continually repeat all parties to the disagreement that they have responsibilities to value the laws of battle, to make certain there is secure humanitarian way for the numerous in requirement and to guarantee that civilian infrastructure is taken care with safety and respect.”

The representative of Red Cross also stated that organization “is very anxious regarding the civilian death figure” in the Mosul attacks.