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Beauty is not natural: IU’s adaptation of plastic surgery procedures

 IU’s plastic surgery

Lee Ji-eun known by name of IU in Korean film industry is one of the cutest celebrities of Korea. She is not only a renowned singer but a song writer as well as an actress. From her childhood she was ambitious to become a singer. For this purpose she gave many talent auditions. As her passion for singing was so firm she launched her debut album when she was only 15 years old. Her debut album, “Lost and found” was a good start for her music career. She later worked on other albums such as “IU…IM” and “Growing up”. “Good day” was the album from which became “National Stardom”. Besides singing she is good at show hosting as well as a great actress.

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She was born in year 1993, on 16th May. From 2007 to 2010, she only worked as a singer but in 2010 she made her debut in acting. She became heart favorite of Koreans. At such young age she has experienced many successes. She has to appear on stage for numerous performances and for this she has to take care of her looks so much. In her past and current images comparison this thing was obvious that she went under the knife to change her looks. IU plastic surgery is the most discussed topic in Korean film industry. People share their views after watching her images that she had adapted cosmetic procedures for nose job and “eye widening surgery”. In her recent images it looks like that she went under the knife for jaw surgery. IU plastic surgery was shock for her some fans as they used to like her for her cuteness and innocence. People have mixed reviews for IU plastic surgery; some says it was a splendid job. Now we are going to provide information regarding IU plastic surgery procedures adaptation as follows:

IU “Eye-lid surgery”

IU’s plastic surgery

Koreans are famous for their small narrow eyes. In past images of IU she used to have narrow eyes but now currently she has wide eyes. We would like to mention that for eye-lid surgery surgeons cut the corners of eyes to make them wide. She underwent eye-lid surgery to change Korean trend of having small eyes. In IU plastic surgery, IU eye-lid surgery is the most prominent one. She looks more attractive in her new broad lake like eyes.

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IU “jawline surgery”

IU’s plastic surgery

Jawline is that part of facial features which is if in perfect shape you will look youthful and attractive. But if it has some kind of flaw then it would decrease someone’s beauty. In IU case she gone under the knife for jawline surgery and this thing is prominent in her past and current images. From her current images it seems that she undergone jaw reduction surgery. IU denies this change and says that all this is due to work out. As she lost weight so this jaw reduction is also part of that weight loss. But from her images it seems that she adapted any surgical procedures or minimal invasion procedures. Well! Whatever truth is, she looks beautiful and she adapted these surgical procedures by being careful. People views about her jaw surgery are that she definitely has adapted this surgical procedure.

IU “Nose Job”

IU’s plastic surgery

Analysis from her past and current images it has been found that she has adapted nose job. Her nose now looks a little bit smaller as compared to her past images. People have mixed reviews on this nose job adaptation. Some think that she has adapted and some think that all this is because of her aging factor as she is now no more teen ager. Her nose in past was bulbous and now it has sharp tip and look more pinched as compared to her past images. Now she has sharp nose. IU plastic surgery is one of the most successful plastic surgeries as she now looks in more well-defined shape.

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Recently in a magazine it was quoted that IU accepted news of her plastic surgeries. Well! It was all accepted in diplomatic way and did not support any authentic source. Whenever she was asked about her adaptation of plastic surgeries she always answered that all this is because of eight loss and good make-up techniques. But people have sharp eyes they make comparison of her every photo and then comment about plastic surgery. We would like to suggest IU that she must make a clear explanation on her adaptation of cosmetic surgery procedures.

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These were all plastic surgeons reviews and some people’s reviews about IU plastic surgery. Let us know what you guys think about her adaptation of cosmetic procedures after watching her past and current images. Whatever your views are one thing is obvious that you are going to love her new looks. Whatever she does makes her more beautiful and she has made her worth in Korean industry as one of the most beautiful girl.

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