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Japan increased cooperation with US forces to ensure peace in South China Sea threats

Japan increased cooperation with US forces to ensure peace in South China Sea threats

Due to tensions in South China Sea Japan has increased its collaboration with United States in order to prevent themselves from any kind of rising threat. Prior to this Japan was cooperating partially with USA through ACSA in the form of supplying food, fuel, logistics and non-lethal items during joint exercises.

After the March Tokyo passed Japan has decided to increase its military force in the overseas missions as japan has Japan has strong military defensive force. That’s why japan is broadening its potential cooperation with United States in the revised ACSA deal to secure itself from potential war threats. That may be due to exaggeration of armed forces of China in south sea. China has increased its military and is mentally preparing its people about war in order to prevent losing its sea territory.

Foreign affairs minister of Japan Fumio Kishida said in signing ceremony of this deal that the agreement we are signing today will bring easy implementation for cooperation between USA and japan and easily collaborate legislatively. On the other hand American Ambassador to Japan said this agreement is critical to effective cooperation.

Moreover she said as we are moving toward security alliances; provide human assistance and disaster relief efforts across the pacific reign it will make this agreement possible.

The amendments discussed above are yet to be approved from National Diet which Japans bichameral legislature to become effective. While speaking with the Japan Times the officials said that amendments will be in the form of information sharing and allow SDF to provide ammunition to US forces in non-emergency situations and mission to deal with the threats of ballistic missiles. While elaborating the amendments more the official straightforwardly clarifies that weapons supply will be remained excluded from the supplies list. Japan will not provide any kind of weapons to USA and this agreements purpose is just ensuring the peace in the pacific reign.