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 Sitcom “Friends” Rachel in her new looks: Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

Recognized as one of “100 greatest female characters in United States”, Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery news is revolving continuously in media. Jennifer Aniston is not only a famous actress but also a businesswoman and producer. She is daughter of Nancy Dow (American actress) and John Aniston (Greek actor). “Friends” sitcom is heart favorite TV serial of everyone, not only in America but also all over the world. In that sitcom, Jennifer Aniston is known by her character Rachel. She has been awarded with “Screen Actors guild award”, “Golden Globe award” and “Prime time Emmy award”.

In numerous romantic movies and comedies, Jennifer Aniston has played the role of female protagonist. She has been starred in number of block-busters such as “The break-up”, “Bruce Almighty”, “Horrible bosses”, “We are the millers”, “Marley and Me” and “Just Go with it”.

Jennifer Aniston was born in year 1969 on 11th February. Currently she is of 48 years old and there seem no signs of aging on her personality. This thing points towards the fact of Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery. In Hollywood she is one of the highest paid Actress, this might be the reason to win the race of being at top she has adapted cosmetic surgery procedures. Moreover she has to fight with her aging signs as well. In this article we are going to reveal the cosmetic surgery procedures which Jennifer Aniston adapted to make her more beautiful and demanding in Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston “breast augmentation”

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

In Hollywood and all over the world, people love ladies with enlarged breast size. This might be the reason Jennifer adapted plastic surgery procedure of breast augmentation. Jennifer never admitted that she adapted breast augmentation but her past and current images are the visible proof of her adaptation of breast augmentation. Well! If she has really adapted this procedure then it was a wonderful decision by her to make her more attractive. Jennifer now looks more attractive and seductive as compare to her past looks. Some people comment on her enlarge breasts that this is all due to adaptation of new bra technology. But plastic surgery experts give this change name of breast augmentation. Her breast size is now C Cup shape which she did not have in her past. This change has brought positive impact on her body and now she looks extra seductive and elegant in her new looks. No signs of aging as well as seductive body figure are a great combination. Jennifer Aniston has worked a lot to make her worth at top position in Hollywood. In Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery rumors the first change which was being noticed by everyone was her adaptation of breast augmentation. Make comparison of her past and current images and let us know what you guys think about her seductive body figure. Her exotic looks are at peak!

Jennifer Aniston “Nose Job”

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

In current images of Jennifer Aniston you can see her in perfect sharp nose shape. In her past images this perfect sharp nose was wide and with pinched tip. Experts and people comment on her this change that she definitely adapted nose job. Her bulbous nose with wide nose bridges now looks in well-defined shape. Round nose of Jennifer Aniston now look smaller and this thing has made her look more elegant. People comment on her current facial features that as she has become aged she grew in elegant way and now looks cooler as compare to her past images. In current images of Jennifer Aniston you can see her in sharper nose and with this nose she looks extra fresh and beautiful.

Jennifer Aniston “Fillers and Botox”

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

Jennifer is 48 years old and has no saggy skin and wrinkles on her face. Is this all natural? No. This fresh face is not possible without adapting cosmetic procedures of fillers and Botox techniques. In the race of maintaining youth like other Hollywood celebrities, Jennifer Aniston has won the race. She looks beautiful and young still at age of 48 years. Bigger boobs, fresh facial skin, no wrinkles and no saggy skin are the requirements to look classy and beautiful. Jennifer Aniston has fulfilled all these things and now she looks perfect in every way.

Jennifer Aniston “Laser peels”

In Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery rumors, Jennifer only admitted that she adapted cosmetic procedures of laser peels. To regain her youth and to fight with signs of aging she adapted laser peels. As she admitted that she adapted laser peels therapy so this thing started revolving in air that she definitely adapted breast augmentation, nose job and Botox.

Above mentioned content is gathered after analyzing experts and people reviews on changing looks of Jennifer Aniston. By making comparison of Jennifer Aniston past and current images, Let us know what you guys think about her plastic surgery and new looks.