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Jim Carrey Net Worth: How Rich is Jim Carrey?

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Net Worth: 150 Million Dollars

Jim Carrey was born on 17th January 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.Though he was born in Canada so he had Canadian citizenship but now he is an American because he obtained American citizenship in year 2004.The star, James Eugene Carrey has 150 million dollars in his net worth. He earned this amount of net worth in previous 36 years of his career.

Jim Carrey net worth earning sources:

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has earned this net worth from different sources as follows:

  • Acting
  • Stand-up Comedy
  • Screen writing
  • Film Producing

Jim Carrey net worth and start of his career:

Jim Carrey

Jim Carry started his career as a comedian in early years of 1990s. He started as comedian by working at a local theatre in his home town during his teenage.

 The film career begins:

After his several plays at theatre and tour shows performances he started to act in Hollywood. He started this by performing in the comedy store.

The TV career begins:

Later in year 1982 he started a Television show named as An evening at the improv.

In the next year, year 1983 he started acting in the tonight show.

Jim Carrey net worth from zero to 150 million dollars:

 The star belonged to a very poor family as his father lost his job in the star’s childhood. This situation did not let him complete his education and start working earlier to finance his family and support his father. The years when he started working his family used to live from hand to mouth. He started to work as a janitor first than joined this career in which he has earned name fame and as much wealth.  These years last no long as his father got the job again and they again came to upper middle class. But the star did not leave working and tried to make his name in the comedy and acting. So he moved to Los Angles to get better working opportunities.

Jim Carrey net worth and low budget films:

Earlier he worked for very low budget films which added not as much money in Jim Carrey net worth. Some of these low paying movies of Jim Carry are as follows:

  • Once bitten
  • The Dead pool and Peggy Sue got married.

Jim Carrey net worth growing:

After several years of struggling with poverty he didn’t lose hope. This continuous courage and hope paid him back. Following are the most of movies which gave the star as much fame and money. These films did not only give the celebrity fame but also raised the Jim Carrey net worth. The movies are as follows:

In year 1994 he did these two well gone fims which added initially a huge mount as compred to his past financial position:

  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  • Dumb And Dumber

Then the journey did not stop only on these two films but keep grossing up the Jim Carrey net worth by his upcoming hit films like:

  • In 1995 he signed to act in the film Batman forever. He earned a handsome amount from this film.
  • Later in the same year he worked in the film next to Ace Ventura. The name of the film was Ace Ventura: when nature calls. This film earned a huge amount of almost 212 million dollars. This film added a huge sum in Jim Carrey net worth as well.
  • The next movie of the famous comedian was “the cable guy”. This film added almost 20 million dollars in the net worth of Jim Carrey in year1996.
  • In next year, year 1997 he gave another hit performance in the film “liar liar”. This film eaened a lot and added a good enough amount in the net worth of the comedian.
  • In year 2004 he got appearance in another hit named as eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
  • In 2008 he earned from work in the film ‘yes man’
  • Kick ass 2
  • Myself and Irene
  • the number 23
  • man on the moon
  • fun with Dick and Jane
  • I love you Philip Morris
  • True crimes , the majestic, the bad batch
  • Rubberface
  • Horton hears a who
  • Copper Mountain
  • Ricky Stanicky
  • All in Good taste
  • Simon Birch
  • Earth girls are easy
  • Drunk History Christmas
  • under the sea
  • Presidential reunion, and many many more films are the milestones which are covered by the star to earn the net worth of being 150 million dollars from merely a ZERO.

Jim Carrey net worth earnings:  a previous 5 years’ time series:

  • In year 2012 the comedy star had earned almost 9.53 million dollars as his whole year earning.
  • In the next financial year ending in 20013 he had earning of the year being almost 11.76 million dollars.
  • In next financial year the star earned 15.34 million dollars adding it in the net worth of 150 million dollars.
  • In year 2014 to 2015 he earned a total of 15.34 million dollars.
  • In the recent year ending at 2016 he earned a total of 20.29 million dollars.

Jim Carrey net worth as compared to that of other famous comedians:

  • The net worth of Bob Saget is almost 100 million dollars which is almost equal to 66 percent of the net wort of Jim.
  • The net worth of Jay Leno is 250 million dollars which is equal to 166 % of Jim Carrey net worth.
  • The net worth of Jerry Seinfeld is almost 5 times bigger than that of Jim carry.
  • Another famous Canadian Ray Romano has net worth of 120 million dollars which is 20 % smaller than the net worth of Jim Carrey.
  • The star has almost double net worth than that of Kevin James.
  • The net worth of Jeff Foxworthy is 100 million which almost 33% is smaller than that of Jim Carrey.
  • Another comedy star Drew Carry has 165 million dollars in his net worth which is 1% higher than that of Jim Carrey.
  • The net worth of Bill Cosby is 350 million dollars which is almost 133 % higher than that of Jim Carrey.