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Plastic surgery admitted by Jodie Sweeten: she is called as “Full house” of cosmetic surgery

Jodie Sweeten Plastic surgery

Nothing is beautiful than the feeling of hearing truth. People who speak truth automatically get positive element in their personality. In this article we are going to mention the admitting power of celebrity who went under the knife to make her more beautiful. She admitted that she adapted cosmetic surgery procedures. Yes! We are talking about Jodie Sweeten plastic surgery.  In Jodie Sweeten Plastic surgery the most obvious plastic surgery adaptation was Jodie Sweeten Boobs implants.

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Jodie Lee-Ann Sweeten is the full name of Jodie Sweeten. She was born in 1982 on 19th January. She is a renowned TV personality, actress, singer and dancer. Stephanie Tanner was her role in TV series “Full House” from which she gained popularity. And this is the reason now because of Jodie Sweeten plastic surgery she is known as the “Full house” of cosmetic surgery adaptation.

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Being famous as the great actress as well as a dancer she is famous for her drugs taking habit. She was only 14 years old when she became drugs addict. For her alcoholic attitude she is been in news for numerous times. Currently people are talking about her adaptation of cosmetic surgery procedures. Below are the plastic surgery procedures which she adapted to regain her teen age attraction.

Jodie Sweeten “Cheeks implant” and “Botox injections”

Jodie Sweeten Plastic surgery

If you guys look at her past and current images then this change is obvious that she went under the knife to change her facial features. Her cheeks now look full and it seems that she adapted technique of fillers. To make her face skin free of wrinkles she adapted Botox injections. With filled-up cheeks and flawless face skin she looks epic now. Because of her flawless facial features this thing point towards that she might have adapted techniques of Botox injections and cheeks implants.

Jodie Sweeten “Breast Augmentation”

Jodie Sweeten Plastic surgery

Being beautiful plus hot is a good combination. As this actress is an epic beauty she worked to make herself hot. If we compare her past and current images then one thing is most obvious and that is Jodie Sweeten boobs implant. Jodie Sweeten boobs now look to their full shape. Her breast augmentation is discussed by her fans the most as her slim body figure does not match this up-size breast change. Jodie Sweeten Boobs implants have made her appearance sexy. She has now become appealing to everyone. Her body curves were already loved by fans but now her complete sexy look has astonished everyone. Being mother of two children she has still the perfect body figure. Her teenage body curves and full women breast shape are the great combination. When Jodie Sweeten plastic surgery was being discussed in media, Jodie Sweeten Boobs implant was the cosmetic adaptation which she admitted deliberately in media. Not like other celebrities who deny news of their plastic surgeries this actress took a bold step and talked about her breast augmentation openly.

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Jodie Sweeten “lip injections”

Jodie Sweeten Plastic surgery

From Jodie sweeten past and current images it seems that she adapted techniques of lip injections. Her smile now look different which she used to have in her past. Her wide smile in past now changed to bright smile with small lips. It seems that she went to an expert who has changed her facial features with so much care. She changed in perfect manner as compared to other celebrities who spoiled their lives after adapting techniques of cosmetic surgeries.

Jodie Sweeten “Tummy tuck”

Jodie Sweeten Plastic surgery

As she is a mother of two children still she has perfect body figure. It seems that she removed extra fats from her belly by adapting technique of abdominoplasty. From her past and current images this thing is in news that day by day she is getting teen age body figure. She has changed to a perfect shape now.

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In Hollywood if someone has desire to be on top then with talented acting he/she must have the perfect body figure. The more you will be beautiful more you will be loved by everyone. So to win this race of being perfect many celebrities in Hollywood went under the knife to make them perfect. So did this celebrity. Well! These were all plastic surgeons and her fans reviews. She only admitted about her breast augmentation. But by looking at her past and current images it seems that she has adapted above mentioned cosmetic procedures. Let us know what you guys think about her plastic surgeries after making comparison of her past and current images.

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