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John Stones will put worship of his hero Lionel Messi aside.

John Stones will put worship of his hero Lionel Messi aside.

John Stones persisted he will not fear when he will be in front of his boyhood hero Lionel Messi , David McDonnell writes.

Defender of Manchester City, Stones was an enormous fan of Messi while growing up, and will contain the undesirable job of aiming to stop the greatest player of the world in the clash of Champions League match on the night of Wednesday (Tonight) in Nou Camp.

But the centre-back of England, who connected with City this summer, stated he is enjoying the dare of analyzing himself in opposition to Barca’s well-known trio attacking of Luis Suarez, Neymar and Messi.

Stones age 22 stated he will not be scared at facing questionably the most frightening front 3 in football world in the iconic grounds of the game.

“It does not scare me, no,” Stones stated.

“I believe you have to play in opposition to the finest to perceive how bad or well can you deal through it and it constantly brings the finest from you as well.

“I spot it as a thrilling challenge and the one I am looking forward to.

“For me, Messi is the most excellent player of the world, simply. He is exceptional. I believe us as footballers, be grateful for it especially when you come about in front of him and witness what he can actually do.

“I will be looking forward to that confront. But it is not only him; it is each player in that team. I feel Suarez’s game is on another level from the time when he was at Liverpool.

“You cannot allow your game glide or your focus. It is somewhat I am working on, but that arrives with games, experience and also age. It acquires time to discover the game and I am learning presently. There is a lot more to come.”