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Justin Bieber still think about Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber still think about Selena Gomez

In the start of this year, admirers of the couple of Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez in real-life were troubled by the reports that they broke up already. Justin has his fresh girlfriend by means of admirers of Selena whacking her constantly.

In addition, the abhorrence for Justin approaching from fans of Selena has heaped on when she was stated to be in a facility of rehab.

In accordance with Parent Herald, famous singer Selena Gomez is formerly been in a center of rehabilitation for a while because of her depressive disorder and anxiety attacks.

Selena confessed in August that she comprised anxiety and depression. This condition directed to the rescheduling of her “Revival World Tour”. In addition, in a statement, she stated that she desires to give attention to herself and need some harmony as she is encompassing a rough time in life.

Besides, this was believed that “Revival World Tour” is canceled subsequent to Gomez and Beiber had a public clash by means of Instagram, the platform of social media.

Bieber posted a photo of himself among Sofia Richie his latest girlfriend. There were countless negative remarks on this picture that was posted online.

In the meantime, middle of these situations, there are many news which state that Bieber is supporting and immensely worried regarding condition of Selena.

Rumors are active that Beiber is endorsing Selena from the time of her stay in rehabilitation center of Tennessee. In a statement, Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez are spending a little time jointly as Gomez is being treated with her illness which has rather associated to indications of lupus.

As these statements are approaching that the 2 previous-lovers are still behind each other in every thick and thin, the main question is, how will Sofia Richie, latest girlfriend of Beiber respond to this supposed contact of the 2 in the middle of break up.