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Kabul Raid: Seven Students Among 13 dead In University Attack

Seven Students Among 13 dead In University Attack

Thirteen people and the seven among the dead were attacked badly by the gunmen on the University of America in the capital of Afghan, Kabul. This news is according to the reports of the police.
The attackers were shot dead by the forces of security which were nearly about 10 hours after the explosion and it began with the assault on the evening of Wednesday.
Students and staff were trapped within the university during the attack and the police was over and out. This was about the group who was not carried out with the attack.
The victims included three guards and three police. There are about thirty five students and also nine police men were injured with it and there were about 750 students and the staff was resuced properly. the police chief of Kabul was Abdul Rehman Rahimi and it was told by the BBC.
Police was remained with the distant dream in this Afghanistan.
It is the viewpoint of the people that Pakistan and Afghanistan was an error.
US kept most of the troops in this Afghanistan according to the Obama.
Police gave the description of the attack as it began at the local time as 19:00 which was 14:30 GMT and special kind of forces were there on the scene with the military advisers in America.
The ones who were trapped in the university for few hours was the Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist and it was his tweet to experience and plead for the help.
Then he tried to manage and escaped from the Associated Press News Agency and he told about the attack. This attack was begun with the explosion of the classroom with the next 15 students.
By seeing outside of the window, it was seen that normal clotehs were seen from outside and he was seen shot dead from outside the window glass. It was Mr. Hossaini who was adding glass and cut the hands. Two grenades were thrown from outside to the classroom and to the wounding classmates.
There were about nine students who managed to escape from the emergency gate pf the campus.
While we were running from outside, we saw someone to be coming from the ground to recognize the face and they were looking upward and they were shot dead with it.
He was seen to be running from the outside and he was lying downward and the face was seen at the ground which was shot dead in the back. He said so.
According to the student named Ahmad Mukhtar who was told that BBC was about 100 m away from the main entrance of university and he was on the way to home which was heard about six feet shot from the blast.
This blast was created with the explosion and it was momentarily surrounding the whole area.
He climbed the six meter wall and escaped from it.
The traps of students were staff tweeted and then was posted on Facebook which was pleading for help.
The attack was two weeks later the two university staff for one Australian and one American. It is a non – profit university which was chartered in US.
English courses are offered in this university on the basis of personal qualifications and also with the bachelor degrees in other fields as well.
Almost 1, 700 students are enrolled in this university which includes adults and also the students who work as part time and the ones have jobs.