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Kari Byron pre and post photos effects: Adaptation of plastic surgery procedures

Kari Byron plastic surgery

Kari Elizabeth Byron Urich famous as Kari Byron in Hollywood because of “Myth Busters” Discovery channel show. She is also famous because of her Netflix’s “White Rabbit project”. She was born in 1974 on 18th December. Sculpting and art are two important aspects of Kari Byron life. Currently she is working on unusual aspects from pop culture and history on Netflix’s project of “White Rabbit project”. In recent images of Kari Byron some changes has been observed in Kari Byron body. These changes have made the people to talk a lot about Kari Byron breasts implants. She used to look slim but now she has sexy body figure. She is one of those celebrities who make their appearance less in public so it might be possible that speculations made after making comparison of her current and past images are not true.

Kari Byron “Breast implants”


Kari Byronplastic surgery

After watching Kari Byron up-size breast size people started talking about Kari Byron Breast implants. As this was an instant change in Kari Byron personality so people talking about her plastic surgery. One thing we would like to mention about Kari Byron that she got pregnant recently and put on weight. So this might be the reason that she now does not look slim. May be these enlarged breasts are result of becoming a mommy. Well! Different people have different speculations about Kari Byron breast implants. Some says that she went under the knife and adapted silicone implants. In the same time some people comment that she is a mom now and breast feeding might be the reason that her breast now looks cup-size which used to look normal in past. These are all people’s views about her. Let us know what you guys think about Kari Byron enlarged breasts that are this are all due to breast implants or due to weight gain.

Kari Byron “Botox injections”

Kari Byron plastic surgery

Kari Byron is a science geek and has to work a lot to make her daily presence on media. She is currently 47 years old and her facial skin looks fresh. So at this people comment that it might be possible that she adapted cosmetic procedure of Botox injections. Lacking aging signs is the ultimate reason that rumors revolve in social media regarding her adaptation of Botox injections.

When Kari Byron was asked about her breast implants she did not denied neither it nor comment on this. These were all people’s speculations. Let us know what you guys think about Kari Byron plastic surgery by making comparison of her past and current images.

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