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Katy Perry is in her new looks: Adaptation of plastic surgery procedures

Katy Perry  plastic surgery

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and known to world by the name of Katy Perry has always astonished the world with her melodious singing. She was born in year 1984, on 25th October. As a child she won hearts of many people by singing in church. When she was a teenager she paid attention to gospel music. In 2001, when she made debut in proper singing by her first album, her fortune did not support her. Her first album was not successful. She did not lose hope and walked on track of changing herself.  From year 2001 to 2007 she worked with different producers such as Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Glen Ballard. She was being dropped by “Columbia records” and “The Island Def jam music group”. In April 2007, she signed contract with “Capitol records” and it seemed that she signed something with her good luck. After that she got name of Katy Perry and up-till now she is being loved by millions of people all over the world.

From 2008 year, her good time started and she experienced many phases of fame. She has been awarded with many awards such as “Juno Award”, “Brit award” and four “Gunnies World records”. In 2016 year her net-worth calculations were equal to $125 million. She is one of the most successful female singers of this century. As she has experienced many changes in her life, same people are commenting on her changes in her body figure. In current images of Katy Perry one thing is seen clearly to everyone and that was Katy Perry boobs job. By making comparison of Katy Perry current and past images some obvious changes has been spotted in her personality. These obvious changes are Katy Perry tits changed shape and adaptation of Katy Perry boobs job. Some other changes have also been spotted in Katy Perry and we are going to provide information regarding these changes which are the results of plastic surgery procedures adaptation. Well! These are all speculations of critics and people comment after watching her past and current images.

Katy Perry “lip augmentation”

Katy Perry plastic surgery

For the rumors of Katy Perry lip augmentation we would like to mention that there is high possibility that for this adaptation she did not go under the knife. There is a slight difference in her lips shape as compared to her previous lip shape. This might be possible that this slight change in her lip shape is due to make-up wonders. As she used to wear eccentric make-up so may be this make-up has shown her lips to full form. In past her lips were slightly thin. Having full thicker shape lips is desire of every Hollywood celebrity so to achieve these full shape lips this might be possible Katy Perry went under the knife. Well! Decide by yourself that has she adapted lip filler or not by making comparison of her past and current images.

Katy Perry “Nose Job”

Katy Perry plastic surgery

In top five adaptations of plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty is on top of list. For this celebrity people comment that she went under the knife for nose job. In past images of Katy Parry she had clear bulbous and round shape nose. But now her nose tip is in pinched shape. On her new sharper nose, some people support her by saying that all this is because of wonders of make-up. Nowadays, techniques of contouring have helped the women to look attractive in their sharp facial features. So this might be possible that Katy Perry did not go under the knife for nose job and all this is because of eccentric make-up. Actually a gradual transformation has been seemed in Katy Perry over the last few years. This thing has created confusion that is all these changes are because of plastic surgery procedures adaptation or due to a great make-up artist.

Katy Perry “Tattoos”

Katy Perry plastic surgery

For having unique style tattoos, Katy Perry went under the knife for several times. She was only 18 years old when she went under the knife for her tattoos name “Jesus”. This tattoo was made on her left wrist. In year 2009, on her left ankle she adapted tattoo of smiling strawberry. In year 2010, she got a tattoo on her right bicep in Sanskrit language. Meaning of that tattoo was “Go with flow”. In year 2011, she got tattoo of peppermint candy on her right ankle. In year 2012, she got tattoo on her right wrist “a flower lotus tattoo”. In year 2013, on her right ankle she got tattoo of “cherry blossom”. On her right hand middle finger she got tattoo of “Hello Kitty’s head”. It seems that Katy has become used to going under the knife. She looks cute in her cute and awesome tattoos. Every tattoo has cute positive image.

Katy Perry “breast implants”

Katy Perry plastic surgery

Katy Perry tits perfect shape has made the world talk about adaptation of Katy Perry boobs job. She once mentioned in an interview with magazine that she always wished to have big boobs that when she lye on bed she could not see her feet. What a ridiculous wish! Well wish is wish. It does not seem that it good or not. But if for fulfilling your wish you have to go under the knife then it seems that you have got strong guts. For Katy Perry it is thought that she went under the knife for boob’s job. Katy Perry Boobs job is obvious because of her tits shape. There is a clear difference in her past and current images regarding Katy Perry tits shape. She used to have normal breast size but in her current images she is seemed with fuller breast shape. Her current cup-size breast shape point towards her adaptation of breast implants.

We have provided comparison of her past and current images. Let us know what you guys think about Katy Perry adaptation of plastic surgery procedures by watching her past and current images.