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Kelly Ripa Net Worth How Rich is Kelly Ripa?

Kelly Ripa Net Worth

Net Worth: 100 Million Dollars

Kelly Ripa net worth is round about 100 million dollars. The celebrity is an actor, producer, dancer and show host.

Kelly Maria Ripa was born on 2nd October 1970 in Stafford, New Jersey United State of America. She has her graduation qualified from an institute of New Jersey.

Kelly Ripa net worth sources:

The sum of Kelly Ripa net worth has been contributed by different sources as given below:

  • Talk show : live with Kelly and Michael
  • Endorsements
  • Producing
  • Acting
  • Appearances

Start of Kelly Ripa’s career:

The star started her acting when she was in her school for graduation. She was suggested by her drama teacher to join acting as her profession. She started in local theater of the city she lived in during her childhood and teenage. After few years she moved to New York for making acting as her career.

Kelly Ripa net worth earned from Acting:

Kelly Maria Ripa has earned almost 2 million dollars as her income from acting.  This amount is only 2 percent of Kelly Ripa net worth .

  • She stepped in acting in 1999 from a television series “All my Children”. She had been doing this role since 1991 to 2010 and had earned approximately 1.08 million dollars from this series which is more than 50 % of her income she earned from her whole acting career.
  • She has also worked in several movies butcould not earn as much from acting in movies. She has almost 50000 dollars in all Kelly Ripa net worth earned from her all roles she has done in movies from 1996 to 2015.

Kelly Ripa net worth earned from production:

Kelly Ripa net worth net worth has almost 7.25 million dollars of her income from producing different TV and documentary projects.

Detail of these earnings is as follows:

  • She has produced a TV special project for that she was an executive producer. The name of the show is Christmas Day Parade which added almost 750000 in the earning of Kelly Ripa.
  • Kelly Ripa net worth has almost 0.5 million dollars earned from a TV movie she produced in year 2008. Name of the movie was “the Stark”.
  • The celebrity produced another TV movie “Masters of Reception” in year 2009 and earned almost 1 million dollars from this project.
  • In 2010 she produced a television series named as Homemade Millionaire which added almost 0.75 million dollars in Kelly Ripa net worth.
  • In year 2011 she had produced 3 projects from which 2 were TV series and the third was a documentary project. She has earned 1 million dollar, 0.5 million dollars and 0.75 million dollars from Dirty Soap, Jersey Cheer, and Off the Rez respectively.
  • In 2012 she again produced a TV series “cheer”. She earned 0.5 million dollars in Kelly Ripa net worth through this project of executive production.
  • In year 2014 she produced a documentary having title of “American Cheerleader”. This documentary increased Kelly Ripa net worth by 0.75 million dollars.
  • In 2014 she also produced a TV series as well. The name of the series was “Secret Guide to Fabulous”. She earned 0.75 million dollars form this TV series.
  • All over she has earned around 7250000 dollars from her production projects from year 2004 to year 2014.

 Kelly Ripa net worth from her talk show:

Kelly Ripa has earned 54 % from the show she has been doing since 2002.  The said program Live with Kelly and Michael has added 101.5 million dollars to Kelly Ripa net worth.

As an estimate based on some sources she has done more than 1500 episodes of the said show and receives 20 million dollars annually as per salary from the show.

She has received different salaries in different years, the detail of previous 5 years is as follows:

  • In year 2011 she has received almost 8 million dollars as her annual salary from the show Live with Kelly and Michael.
  • In 2012 the live talk show has added approximately 8 million dollars in Kelly Ripa net worth.
  • In 2013 her salary from this live show was estimated to be again 10 million dollars.
  • In year 2014 the show live with Kelly and Michael has contributed round 10 million dollars in Kelly Ripa net worth.
  • In the previous year, year 2015 she has added another 10 million in her net worth as her annual salary from this live show.
  • It is said that her salary for this year, 2016, could be 20 million dollars.
  • The salary of the celebrity from this show ranges from5 million dollars to almost 20 million dollars from year 2005 to 2016.
  • She is doing this show at present as well so it is expected that the celebrity would gain more noticeable amount from the said show where is showing her talent successfully.

       Kelly Ripa net worth earned from appearances she made:

She has earned almost 2 million dollars in Kelly Ripa net worth from the appearances she has made in different shows. She has made more than 25 appearances in different shows till 2015 and has earned a sum of 2 million dollars.

Kelly Ripa net worth earned from endorsements:

She has made high paying deals with some brands like Tide, Aquafina, Tide, and Colgate etc. These endorsement contracts add almost 48 % in Kelly Ripa net worth.

This amount becomes almost 75 million dollars which she has received as her earnings from the paybacks from her endorsement contracts she has been making since 2003 onwards.