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Kenny Chesney Net Worth: How Rich is Kenny Chesney?

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney Net Worth: 225 Million Dollars.

Kenneth Arnold Chesney was born on 26th March 1968 in Knoxville, Tennessee United States of America. The celebrity is a singer and song writer and has earned almost 225 million dollars as his net worth from this profession.

Kenny Chesney net worth and Ranking in the world:

Kenny Chesney

  • Kenny Chesney is ranked on number 26 out of 100 on the list of The World’s Highest Paid Celebrities given by Forbes in year 2016.
  • The star Kenny Chesney was also included in the same list by Forbes on which he was at number 49 out of 100 in the World’s Highest paid celebrities in year 2015.

 Kenny Chesney net worth and his annual and monthly income:

Kenny Chesney

  • The star has a total of 225 million dollars in his pocket as his net worth and earns almost 24 million dollars on average in a year.
  • According to these estimates the star earns almost 2 million each month. We can say that his average income is almost one million per month.

Kenny Chesney net worth earning sources:

Kenny Chesney net worth is earned from different sources. Major of these sources are as follows:

  • Singing
  • Songs writing
  • Endorsements

Kenny Chesney net worth and beginning of the career:             

The musician, Kenny Chesney was ambitious to be an athlete during his childhood as he was a good player of baseball and football during his school and college life. But once on Christmas he got guitar, and that one musical instrument changed his mind entirely and he started to sing in clubs.

That was the reality how and why he started his career as a musician and started to earn his net worth through this profession.

Kenny Chesney net worth earned from music albums:

The star earned a lot of income from his music albums:

  • His first album was released in the year 1995 the music album had the title as “All I need to know”. The first album of the star got good commercial success as almost 1000 units of the album were sold in that year and the earning of the singer increased dramatically.
  • His another music album was released in the year 1996 which had the title as “Me and You”. This net worth could not get as much success as neither publically nor commercially though it affected the Kenny Chesney net worth.
  • The star recorded almost five music albums in 1990s and increased his net worth. The details of other major music albums of the star are as follows (most recent).
  • The music album “the big revival” was released in the year 2014. This album affected the star’s net worth by a great margin as added almost 17.5 million dollars in the net worth of the star.
  • In year 2013 he released another album named as “life on a rock”. The album added almost 14.44 million dollars in the net worth of the said star.
  • Another album of Kenny Chesney named as “welcome to the fishbowl” came towards audience in year 2012. The album added almost 10.8 million dollars in the net worth of the star.
  • In year the album “Hemingway’s Whiskey” was released which increased the net worth of Kenny Chesney by 11 million dollars.
  • The album “Greatest hits “ released in the year 2010 added almost 7 million dollars in the net worth o0f the said celebrity.
  • Another album of the star Kenny was “lucky old sun” which was released in years 2008 to 2009 and added .3 million dollars in the net worth of the said celebrity

Kenny Chesney net worth earned form endorsements and sponsorships:

The star has earned a big amount from the endorsements and sponsorships as well which becomes approximately 2.65 million dollars from this head of income.

Kenny Chesney net worth and his year wise earnings:

  • in the year ending 2011 he added almost 45 million dollars in his net worth as his annual income of that year.
  • Kenny Chesney earned almost 44 million dollars in the financial year 2011 to 2012.
  • In year ending 2013 he earned almost 53 million dollars as his income of the year.
  • In the year ending 2014 the star earned a total of round about 44 million dollars.
  • In the previous financial year the star added almost 42 million dollars in hius net worth as his yearly income.

Kenny Chesney net worth – a year wise time series:

  • The net worth of Kenny Chesney was almost 97 million dollars in the year 2012.
  • The net worth of the star became 13 million dollars greater in the year 2013 and reached up to the level of almost 100 million dollars.
  • In the year 2014 the net worth of Kenney Chesney was almost 120 million dollars.
  • In the ext year his net worth got a tremendous increase and reached to 150 million dollars.