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Some Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Killed In Airstrikes, Boko Haram Video Released

Some Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Killed In Airstrikes, Boko Haram Video Released

Some kidnapped Nigerian girls killed by Nigerian military airstrikes, according to the new video that has recently appeared and came from the Nigerian militant group named as Boko Haram. In this video it is shown that one of the kidnapped victims is pleading to the authorities to bend over to the Boko Haram Islamic extremists’ demands to release the detained militants in the replacement of Chibok girls.

This video was posted on Sunday on Twitter shows a Chibok girl who was in headscarf and her face was showing identified that more than 270 students kidnapped from a remote school in Northeast Nigeria in April 2014. The girls also claimed that some of her abducted classmates died in Airstrike by the Nigerian military. However, it is not cleared that how many school girls have died. She also added that 40 of the kidnapped girls have been married. Some of the girls have been shown holding babies.

The video was posted by Ahmad Salkida Nigerian Journalist and known to have good contacts in Boko Harm, cited by SITE intelligence Group. This video also shows a fighter has warned in his language “Hausa” if the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government fights with firepower with Boko Hram then these adupted girls won’t be freed. In this video, the fighter says that Nigerian Government has lied to their citizens many times that they will quickly free those kidnapped girls who now are all over 18 years old.

The fighter has said, “If our members of detention are not released, let the parents of the Chibok girls and the government know that they will never see their girls again.” It is not the first time Boko Haram has offered a deal and this group made a similar offer last year also.

The abduction of more than 270 school girls from chibok, a small village in Northeast Nigeria in April 2014 set off global annoyance. A social media Campaign with the hashtag #Bring Back Our Girls got the attention of first lady Michelle Obama. She has also promised that her husband will help to liberate them. By this group that is named as Boko Haram have killed and kidnapped hundreds of other girls and boys.

The condition of other girls is not appreciable and some of the girls are unable to move or walk properly. Some of the kidnapped girls are awfully sick and some are died during the airstrikes by the Nigerian military, said by the fighter who appeared before a group of more than 40 women who were in headscarves and hijabs.

It is not immediately possible to reach to the Chibok community leader or any of the parents by telephone. The woman in the video begs for help to free them and speaking under pressure. She said that we are in pain and the aircraft has bombarded us and killed many of us. Some of our husbands that we married are injured and some are dead.