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Kim Kardashian Net Worth How rich is Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Kim Kardashian Net Worth: $ 149 Million

  • Age: 35
  • Source of Wealth: Mobile Gaming, Reality TV
  • Residence: Los Angeles, CA
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Citizenship: United States
  • Children: 2

The most followed woman in the reality TV has got a new title which is tech entrepreneur and in 2015, Kim Kardashian generated about $ 71.8 million the mobile game of Hollywood. The payback was annually 40 % which came from the game. The endorsements of Instagram and Kaomoji app were about $ 1.99. The series of these emoji’s were based on the subscription of personal app which was $ 2.99 and Kardashian makes money from endeavors of mobile instead of anything else. Kim Kardashian Net Worth increased in the Year 2016 with this mobile app.

Kim Kardashian managed to grow her net worth from the stylist and an assistant for the LA celebrities to the most mediatized and richest celebrities in the world wide.

She is a media mogul show of media running the entire empire of business and running shows. The credential was most notable who were close to the Paris Hilton and were frank as well. She gained the drops of fame from the Sex tape which was controversial with the artist R & B and it was leaked to the public. Kim Kardashian net Worth was the same at that time.

This was also done by some purpose and accident which has a bottom line that Kim got this opportunity to become rich from the media attention and she successfully cleared it. Her fame for 15 minutes was enough to book this show and she kept up with the el network of Kardashians which are still on and she many such shows like Khloe Take Miami, Kim Take New York and Kourtney.

The entire family was with the salary of 20 to 30 million for every season which was split in between them.

Personal Information

Her fame grew with the launch of a clothing line, weight loss products and perfume line. She took attention of the people who were giving successful and the monetized drop of it. She grew with this and got fame with her television serials.

She was in date for press of NBA & NFL stars to finally set for the rapper, Kanye West where she got married and gave birth to a baby.

Kim Kardashian net worth also increased with her marriage as she got her husband’s property as well. She married Damon Thomas who was a music producer and they again married in 2000. They got divorced in 2004 again and then she remained with her NBA star kids for about 72 days with Kris Humphries.

This divorce resulted in the media endorsement coverage and settlement with $ 18 million and earned the title of professional divorce.

Financial Information

  • Magazine appearance $ 250, 000
  • Appearances $ 1, 000, 000
  • Dash $ 350, 000
  • Sponsorship $ 3,200, 000
  • Overall Yearly Earnings $ 10 – 15 Million

The media contracts and fashion stores were apart from all this and Kim Kardashian was successful with the tech industry. She has an app game named Kim Kardashian Hollywood which is an upbringing of about $ 200 Million per year with the Kaomoji App which was made over $ 1 Million per minute with this launch.

This was a result of the Mansion in Bel Air and she was called home with white Ferrari with many proprieties and 458 Italia Spider. Kim Kardashian Net Worth is estimated to be $ 138 million at this time.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2016 is concluded here with the latest earning which was $ 80, 000 and she came up with this money at every week and more of the items are spent here in this.