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Leonardo DiCaprio wants to produce ‘Captain Planet’ movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio wants to produce 'Captain Planet' movie.

Activist and Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is preparing to compose a superhero movie regarding the battle of environment saving.

The Oscar winning actor of age 41, is presently promoting his latest documentary concerning climate transform, “Before the Flood,” and is supposedly discussing to create a blockbuster of planet-saving.

In accordance with The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio and Appian Way Productions, his production corporation is grouping by means of bosses at Paramount to construct a movie featuring”Captain Planet” the pollution combating hero.

“Captain Planet and the Planeteers” initially was a cartoon TV show which ran from 1990-1992, which focused on 5 teenagers who grouped up with Captain Planet to save the Earth by managing elements.

Film magazine editors stated that Leonardo DiCaprio who is an actor turned filmmaker; workers at his production house are in discussion to purchase the rights of film of the TV series and have previously assembled Glen Powell the star of TV series “Scream Queens” and Jono Matt the upcoming writer to craft the script.

DiCaprio has lately become more and more blunt in his support of measures for saving environment.

In addition to creating his latest documentary along with Fisher Stevens, his friend, the actor has done countless pleas to the leaders of world and the public to do something to end artificial global warming.

During the weekend, DiCaprio took a trip to London to endorse “Before the Flood,” and said to the BBC he desires young people to not to choose such leaders who do not support to look after the environment.

“We need a whole generation that is going to be paying attention on this matter, utilize their vote to place people in their place of work that are directed to leap in on this matter and get concerned,” he stated.

In accordance with The Hollywood Reporter, Leonardo is knuckling down co-produce the movie with Jennifer Davisson Killoran the producer of “The Revenant”.