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Here is the list of Countries that will win the most Medals at Rio 2016

Here is the list of Countries that will win the most Medals at Rio 2016

Even the predictors, analyst and the economist like to have a bit of fun every once in a while. The analyst and the predictors has made a list which nation will gain the most medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics as the Games begin on Saturday in the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro and the lavish opening ceremony will held on Friday.

As the list appear and there is not any big surprise that the USA and China will comfortably stay at the top on the medal table as two nations have continuously performs in the last two Olympic Games. The United States team forecasted to win 45 gold medals and total of 106 medals and the Republic state of Chine will grab 36 gold medals with 89 overall medals in their pocket.

There is good news for Britain’s as they were ranked at No. 3 in the forecasted list as it was expect from the UK that to grab the 23 gold medals and overall 59 medals and keep the Russian team at 4th place with their expected 14 gold medals and 58 overall wins.

To come on an argument about the country’s ranking the experts uses the thousands of prevailing data points and covering almost all things from each country as their appearance and performance in the previous Olympics before ranked them in the medal’s prediction list.

The inclusion of the countries in the model is not only reflecting as the country’s produces the world class athletes under the world class environment. While this is hard to measure in the sports context but the useful and the holistic measured of the high class environment will related to the high success in all over the fields.

The model which comes out in not only predicted the entire outcome as which country will rank at what number. The predictors also created the breakdown of which nation will excel best in which category of Olympic Games. The British athletes will do extremely well in the seated sports like the rowing and cycling while the China will strongly excel in their most dominant events like the badminton, diving and table tennis.

Some other interesting reveals about the country-by-country observations like the Australia will most likely to dominate in the triathlon events, Italy will do well in the fencing and the South Korea archers show their own discipline.

To address the issue the country’s best performance in their most favourite games the each country rank according to their historical data and the medal achievements in their best sports category. The calculation were made in three steps; the first step the medals were calculate according to country per sports per year index and give 3 points to each gold medal, 2 points to the silver medal and one point to bronze. Secondly the highest point gain team in the London Olympics with the highest weight gain and finally the percentage of total medal in each sport and then compare the result the country will rank in the prediction list of 2016 Rio Olympics.