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List of Top 25 Most Expensive Laptops In The World

In today’s modern world laptop is the most necessary thing among others for the people. In this era people are highly connected with social websites and information sharing is very common today that’s why laptop comes under basic needs now. Many companies are making laptops with different specifications and usage. Technology is advancing that’s why new model that comes has high price than the others. Meanwhile some laptops are easily accessible and other are too luxury that common person can’t buy. In this article we are going to discuss the top 25 most expensive laptops in the world.

List of Top 25 Most Expensive Laptops In The World
1. Luvaglio


This is the most luxurious laptop that tops our list of most expensive laptops. It is also known as one million dollar laptop. Due to its high price no other laptop in the world can even think to come closer to it. If you have huge amounts in your bank amounts only then you can purchase it. You have to make an online order first after that they will check your ability pay the price. If they found you eligible to pay that much amount only then they will process your order. It is manufactured on custom based, you have all rights to choose its body material and style and its specifications. You can upgrade its hardware at any point in time. It is unique in its body style and specifications as well. Now you might be thinking why is it so expensive? Yes, it is because there is original diamond pieces fitted instead of key buttons.

2. Tulip E-Go Diamond

Tulip E-Go Diamond

This is not just a laptop but a jewelry box too. It is made of real stones of ruby and emerald those are fitted in white gold plates. Thousands of small diamond pieces are encrusted in the laptop. Its price is high just because of its design and unique style otherwise it has ordinary specifications than other laptops. Its price is 350,000$.

3. MacBook pro 24 Karat Gold

MacBook pro 24 Karat Gold
It is a customized made model by Apple which is made up of 24 karat gold plates. Moreover its outer logo of Apple is made up of diamonds. That’s the only reason of its high price in the market. Its other features are 160 GB internal drive 15.4’ TFT display, 2.4GHZ core 2 duo processor and 2 GB RAM. Its price is 30,000$. Due to these extra ordinary features it comes under top 25 most expensive laptops of the world.

4. Ego for Bentley

Ego for Bentley
Bentley is famous car manufacturing company which made its collaboration with Ego in making this laptop. Like Bentley cars interior this laptops interior keys is made up of diamond. Moreover it has easy access key on the board for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other applications. It is well known for its storage and display. Its price is 20,000$.

5. Voodoo Envy 171

Voodoo Envy 171
Voodoo is expensive brand by Hewlett-Packard and well known for gaming purpose, it has 17”HD screen and 160 GB storage which is extendable to 600 GB. Processor of 4 GB extreme of Intel makes it faster. This laptop comes in shiny red color which gives pretty sexy looks to it. Price of this beautiful laptop is 8500$.

6. Stealth MacBook Pro

Stealth MacBook Pro
It is a limited addition produced by the Color-ware; it’s the only company in the world that allows you to pick the electronics of your own kind. You just have to give them a list of things you want to be fitted in your laptop. It’s highly customized in making products for the customers. The inner working of this laptop is of MacBook pro. These are the only ten laptops that exist in the world. Its price is 6000$.

7. Rock Xtreme XL8

Rock Xtreme XL8
Rock xtreme is considered as the fastest laptop of the world that’s why we have adjusted it here in our list of top 25 most expensive laptops of the world. It has core 2 duo extreme processor and powerful RAM makes it even faster. It is quite good choice for those who sits in front of laptop most of their time in the day. Its price is 5500$.

8. Alien-ware Area 51

Alien-ware Area 51
It is well known for its sophisticated design in the world. It has different features that stand alone from other laptops. It is the perfect choice for the gamers. Intel core 2 extreme processor is installed in this laptop and has a powerful RAM for supporting games. Its price is 5000$.

9. Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS

Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS
It is high quality, faster performance and light weight Laptop by Lenovo. It has quad-core processor made up of Lenovo that makes easy faster performance. That’s the main reason of its high price in the market. Price for this slim and light weight laptop is 4300$.

10. Dell Mobile Precision M6800

Dell Mobile Precision M6800
Dells this model is made up of latest technology and have highly specialized features. It comes with QHD + IGZA display of 15.6 inch which shows the images in quite good quality. It supports i5 and i7 Intel processors which are rich in performance. It is claimed as maintenance free as it is tested against dust, humidity, and temperature and low/high voltage shocks. Its price is 3800$.

11. Alienware 18

Alienware 18
Another model of Alienware makes its place in top 25 most expensive laptops of the world because of its powerful core i7 processor, advanced Nvidia GPUs, 512 GB hard drive and 32 Gb RAM. It comes in soft touch lid of 18” made up of aluminum. These all features make it one of the most expensive laptops. Price for Alienwares this model is 3600$.

12. Acer Ferrari 1100

Acer Ferrari 1100
As the name suggests it is made up of same color as Ferrari and has a logo of Ferrari in its center. No doubt this laptop looks so hot in ready Ferrari color in its sleek design. For more resemblance Acer has given power button on the side of the laptop to give it a Ferrari look. This hot stylish machine is of 3000$.

13. Dell M6400

Dell M6400
Dell makes this model for highly professional people who need more reliable performance. Its most expensive configurations include Intel Q43 chipset and 1TB internal storage. Professional has given good reviews about this laptop. So it is a good choice for other professionals who are looking for a good laptop for their work. Price for this model is 3000$.

14. Apple MacBook pro Z0RG000OV

Apple MacBook pro Z0RG000OV
Apples this latest model has 15.4” Retina 720 HD display screen and core i7 up-to 3.7GHZ turbo processor. More of the professional kind high quality exterior and interior is made. It has Mac 10 Yosemite operating system installed. Its price is 3200$.

15. Lenovo ThinkPad 540

Lenovo ThinkPad 540
Lenovo’s this model is high in performance and is very light weight. It is good for CAD professionals and 3D graphics and engineering. Its 8GB RAM can be extended to 32 GB which is plus point. It comes in HD display and 3.7GHZ Inter core I processor. Its price is 2600$.


This is laptop by ASUS for gaming purpose having 6th generation Intel quad core i7 3.5GHZ processor. 17.3” full HD display with 2TB storage and 16GB RAM. It comes in sleek design in grey and black colors. Price for this model is 2700$.

17. Apple MacBook pro Z0Q000SA

Apple MacBook pro Z0Q000SA
Its display is its best feature that why we have listed it in top 25 most expensive laptops of the world. 13.3” LED backlit display with IPS technology. It has core i7 processor with turbo charge of 3.4GHZ. It has 16 GB RAM and 1TB internal storage which is enough for heavy data storage. Its price is 2700$.

18. Lenovo ThinkPad CarbonX1

Lenovo ThinkPad CarbonX1

It is very slim in design and high in performance with 5th generation Intel core i7 2400turbo boost processor. 15.5”QHD display with finger touch screen. 8 GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage make it easier to store lot of data inside. Its price is 1980$.

19. Apple MacBook Pro MJLT2ZA

Apple MacBook Pro MJLT2ZA
Another model of apple is quite capable to add in this list due to its high performing features. It has processor of i7 3.7 turbo, LED display, 16 GB memory and 512 GB internal storage and MAC OS X Yosemite. Its price is 2300$.

20. Dell Alienware 15 R2

Dell Alienware 15 R2

This is a high quality model made by dell in collaboration with Allienware. It has core i7 6700HQ processor, 1 TB of storage and 16GB dual RAM. It comes in big 15.6” full HD IPS anti-glare display. Price of this model is 2300$.

21. Samsung ATIV Book 9plus

Samsung ATIV Book 9plus
This is the high quality reliable performance laptop by Samsung. It has good features including 5th gen core i7, 13.3 inch HD display, 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage, windows 8.1 is pre-installed and have extra feature of touch screen. All these features in compact Samsung laptop comes under price tag of 1950$ and makes its way in top 25 most expensive laptops of the world.

22. ASUS Transformer Book TRIO TX201LA

ASUS Transformer Book TRIO TX201LA

ASUS is well known for its light weight and sleek designs; same is the scene here in this model. It comes in 11.6” full HD display, core i7 turbo 3.7GHZ, 4 GB memory and 500 GB internal storage. Processors of ASUS laptops are very fast so gamer’s gives preference to ASUS due to this reason. Its price is 1750$.

23. Lenovo ThinkPad X260

Lenovo ThinkPad X260
ThinkPad X260 is equipped with 6th generation i7-6600U processor, 12.5” HD display, 16 GB RAM, and 256 GB internal storage and genuine windows 10 is installed in it. it is good choice for the professional workers. Its price is 1800$.

24. Dell XPS 15

Mostly Dell laptops are not in slim body but this model of dell is extremely slim and compact. Moreover it has good specifications for daily hard users. It consist of 6th generation i7 Intel quad core processor, 15.6” infinity edge full HD display, 1 TB drive with 32 GB SSD and 5400rpm SATA and genuine pre-installed 64 bit windows 10. Price for this laptop is 1700$.

25. HP Envy 17t-n100

HP Envy 17t-n100
HP Envy series is well known for high speed processors. Intel’s 6th generation i7 quad core 3.5GHZ boost processor is equipped in this model. Its screen size is bigger than its competitors with 17.3 inch full HD WLED-backlit IPS display touch screen. 1 TB storage and 8 GB memory makes easier for the users to store heavy files in laptop. Finger print sensor and touch screens are the extra features. Due to these extra ordinary features it comes under top 25 most expensive laptops of the world. Price for this model is 1560$.