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List Of Top Ten most expensive “Google” keywords In 2017

most expensive “Google” keywords

Here is the detail of rate at which AdWords advertisers have to pay to get an appearance on Google for the sake of super worthy and popular keywords.
The super-cool thing all over the world is to live in San Francisco. well, we are mentioning it super-cool thing not only because of its beautiful places but also because of “Google’s pay per click” (Advertising platform). San Francisco is the most incredible place if you have the intention to target specific keywords using “AdWords.” You guys will think why Google AdWords has importance equivalent to San Francisco. Well, all this is because of “Business Services.” On Average, if you want to make the target on insane competitive keywords it will reward you with the whopping

10 most expensive google keyword, high cpc keyword

10 most expensive google keyword

amount of $58.64. Hence whenever one does searches regarding keyword in Google, and with clicking on PPC, that advertiser will be rewarded with $59.
Just as one supposition, on one particular ad per day, advertiser accomplished 100 clicks, following are the bullet points which an advertiser will pay for:
$6,000 per day.
$180,000 per month.
$2.2 million per year.Per page 7 AdWords PPC, show up to users by Google.

Per page 7 AdWords PPC, show up to users by Google.
These numbers got to multiply by 7 and for one page as Google’s result and then for following seven more and this thing will get beyond as per Google rate. So now you got the idea that how Google in advertising got revenue of $79 billion. But besides all this, we cannot declare that only worthy keyword on Google is “Business Services”.

Below is the list of average rates for advertisers on Google for specific terms:

Business Services: $58.64
Bail Bonds: $58.48
Casino: $55.48
Lawyer: $54.86
Asset Management: $49.86
Insurance: $48.41
Cash Services & Payday Loans: $48.18
Cleanup & Restoration Services: $47.61
Degree: $47.36
Medical Coding Services: $46.84

With the help of core intent, this list got establish, and it has been done after examination of WordStream from the period of 1st June 2016 to 12 June 2017. There are other individual keywords with more expensive cost rate, but this research only supports specific high keywords that cost per click. WordStream explanation can summon his thing, and that is:

“For example, we lumped the keywords ‘bail bonds’ and ‘bail bonds Los Angeles’ into a single category, since the core intent is the same. Likewise, keywords involving different types of lawyers (such as ‘malpractice lawyer’ and ‘injury lawyer’) or insurance were grouped together. We used a similar methodology last time to avoid featuring too many specific long-tail or local keywords that wouldn’t have broad applicability to a large number of businesses. We separated distinct services (pest control vs. termites) as much as possible.”

Above all, most important is cost per conversion.