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Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and Student of the year Varun Dhawan: Five similarities


Bollywood is full of awesome stars and all are talented in their own ways. But here we are going to mention similarities between two most loved celebrities of India. One is famous for his student of the year character “Varun Dhawan” and other is master blaster “Sachin Tendulkar”. From their astonishing five similarities they look totally similar. Today is 24th April and both these shinning stars were born on this same day although different years. From their similarities it can be assume that they are identical as their sun-sign also point towards this reality. Now we are going to mention their five cool similarities as follows:

In their fields they are on top

No doubt, Sachin Tendulkar is legend in Cricket while Varun is a rising star but in movies he worked he did not disappointed his fans. Both are on top positions in their respective fields. Born on same day and at same level of fame these stars are similar.

Both are “humble beings”

In all the events and in their normal they have been spotted as humble beings. They are one of the generous, respectful and unpretentious stars of Bollywood. People love them because of their loving attitude. So at this position of humble beings again these two stars are similar.

Homogenous fun base personality

Because of their smiling faces and loving attitude to everyone these stars have homogenous fun base personality. They have made their worth in their fields because of their talent and loving attitude. They seem fun loving and this thing depicts positivity in their personality.

Family oriented

Sachin is always spotted as a loving father. This thing shows his family oriented character. Not only is he Varun also spotted as loving son and brother. Both of the stars love to spend time with their family members. People have noticed a protective thing in these stars for their family.

Got popular at their young age

Sachin is worshipped Indians and he deserves to be worshipped. He started to play in cricket matches at age of 11 years. When he was 16 years old he played test matches. Varun made his debut in Bollywood movies at age of 25 years and gained fame from his debut. So regarding getting fame at young both of these stars is similar.

These were the similarities noticed by us. Let us know about similarities between them which you guys noticed and we missed them J