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Meek Mill Net Worth: How Much is Meek Mill Worth?

Meek Mill Net Worth

Net Worth: $ 4 Million

If estimating the Meek Mill net worth, the money has been earned by the concerts and sales. He was rumored about dating with Nicki Minaj who is a rap superstar and the net worth of them together is very high. He married his longtime girlfriend. The best achievement of Meek Mill is getting married to Nicki. He has made his name with his famous music.

Meek Mill has been in the game from 2011 and he has featured and produced many debut albums and studio albums. The debut album was dreams & Nightmares which were at the second spot in the Billboard in 2012.

The rapper went through a lot of controversies and remained with the fellow rappers. He did not step down to hold on to the career to hold on to the strong relationship with the Nicki Minaj. His number was not put on hit which limelight’s like Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend. This rapper provides with a hit track which shows artist nature.

Meek Mill Net Worth Comparison with Rappers

50 Cent

Net worth: $ 150 Million


Net Worth: $ 85 Million


Net Worth: $ 55 Million

Rick Ross

Net Worth: $ 35 Million


Net Worth: $ 7.5 Million

Meek Mill

Net worth: $ 4 Million

Getting A Record Deal

Meek Mill spent most of his life with Robert Rihmeek Williams and his life moved in Philadelphia. His upbringing spent most of the time in the streets of neighborhood and lived a culture as a teenager who participated in the firearms and subculture every time.

Meek founded the rap group which was called The Bloodhoundz and made mixtapes which got into production of tracks. The promotional singles of Meek Mill remained in contact with the Records of Grand Hustle in 2009. The collaboration started again with Rick Ross and it was made over $ 4 Million from the album sales and the mixtapes were Drams worth than Money, Dream chasers and A Nightmare on Meek Street.

Endorsements & His Own Record Label

Meek Mill net worth also got a boom with his endorsements and record label. His endorsement brands include Skull Candy electronics, Monster Energy and Puma which make about a million dollars with it. The estimation of endorsements of Meek is believed to be about $ 50, 000.

Getting the deals of endorsements are a venture of Meek Mill net worth with the launch of the record of hip hop label named as Dream Chasers records to sign a rapper of 17 year old person and from Louisiana is a Lil Snupe rapper. But he got murdered in an apartment of heart of Meek Mill and tribute by a young star.

Feuds With Other Rappers

Meek Mill net worth is a hit for the legal and fight problems which makes the rapper get into past for few years. He has also been arrested for the firearms possession which was illegal in 2009. After the release of debut album, much other probation went back to jail in 2003 and it was found guilty with the parole violation. It was also sentenced to the arrest of house on 5th February, 2016.

Many other rappers have been running with this and the social media that they get into it. This formula considers being a strategic move which raps the music and seems to be profitable for this side. Same tracks dis with other artists and also grab some attention controversially.

Life With Nicki Minaj

Meek Mil felt fortunate with the beloved girlfriend “Nicki Minaj” who is also a singer and also a superstar. Her net worth got better with the sharing of spotlight and also she is a sexy rap queen. This couple got very famous and she planned to take their two year relationship for a lifetime. They bought a house which had nine bedrooms and it was like a mansion in the hills of Hollywood. They decided to get marry and have kids of their own. The net worth of Nicki Minaj is higher as compared to Meek Mill but they made a collaboration which made them successful as well and their relationship proved to be the bests in terms of money as well.

Meek Mill Net Worth Vs. Nicki Minaj Net Worth

Meek Mill Net Worth

  • Record album Sales: $ 4.6 Million
  • Concerts and sales: $ 900, 000
  • Endorsements: $ 1 Million
  • Annual Endorsement Salary: $ 50, 000
  • Estimated Annual Earnings: $ 437, 000
  • Current net Worth: $ 4 Million

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

  • Record album Sales: $ 60 Million
  • Concerts and sales: $ 15 Million
  • Endorsements: $ 10 Million
  • Annual Endorsement Salary: $ 1 Million
  • Estimated Annual Earnings: $ 7.5 Million
  • Current net Worth: $ 70 Million

It was all kept in mind that Meek Mill will always remain by Nicki’s side and this rapper who is 28 year old is madly in love with the 33-year-old Minaj and turned him in a big empire to add Meek mill Net Worth. This was a pop question which turned him to marry Nicki Minaj in 2016 and this tabloid was suspicious. It is good to hope for trouble and continue on working to get more wealth from it.