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Melania Trump beauty: Healthy diet plan or plastic surgery adaptation

Melania Trump beauty: Healthy diet plan or plastic surgery adaptation

Born in Slovenia, but still known as the first lady of United States is no other than Melania Trump. She was born in 1970 on 26th April.  She is wife of current American President Donald Trump and this is the reason she is one of the most reputed personalities in America. With elegant personality and blue eyes she is queen indeed. As she was born in Slovenia she has now got naturalized citizen ship of United States. In year 2001, she got permanent citizenship of United States. She married to President Donald Trump in 2006.

She was only 5 years old when she started doing modeling in Slovenia. She gained an ultimate popularity as a model at age of 16 years. She met with President Donald Trump in year 1998 and after 9 years of relationship they got married in 2005. She was a successful model but in year 2016 she considered herself as a responsible mom and she quitted modeling. Now she is a reputed lady in United States entitled as the “First lady of United States”.

Currently hot topic about this lady is that she undergone plastic surgeries as she seems a little bit un-natural in her facial expressions. News of Melania Trump plastic surgery is all in air. From her past and current images comparison it can be easily viewed that she adapted cosmetic surgeries.

Melania Trump views about news of her plastic surgery

This thing is not an astonishing thing Hollywood that celebrities gone under the knife to make themselves more youthful and stunning. When news of Melania Trump plastic surgery started revolving all around then she denied this news. Melania Trump after listening to all these news mentioned that she is only having a healthy diet plan and this is the secret behind her ultimate beauty. She said that she improved her life-style and this is the reason now she looks different from her past images. But according to plastic surgeons reviews and people views who are fan followers of this celebrity point towards one thing and that is Melania Trump plastic surgery. If it was a diet plan then why there is un-natural thing on her facial features and why there is an obvious change in her nose, wrinkles and breast shape. Now we are going to mention Melania Trump plastic surgery procedures as follows:

Nose Job

Melania Trump beauty: Healthy diet plan or plastic surgery adaptation

Expert plastic surgeons such as Mr. Chana mentioned that she did nose job. Her nose now look more narrows and tip of her nose is now more refined as it was not in past. She is currently 45 years old and she there is a visible change in her personality as compared to her past images and personality. Even Mr. Chana mentioned that regarding facial restructuring nose was the main factor which Melania Trump adapted. In her past images her nose had bump at tip and was wide but now she has thinner and more refined nose as compared to her past images. She definitely had nose job. It seems that for her “Nose Job”, she experienced rhinoplasty.

Botox Injection


From images it is obvious that Melania Trump plastic surgery is true. Her face now look like frozen face and this is surely because of Botox injections. It has been speculated that her forehead is free from lines and her face also looks wrinkles. At age of 45 years, it is not possible to have such glowing and fresh skin. All this is because of cosmetic surgeries adaptation.  Her face skin now looks tighter than she had in her past. This thing is a proof that she had Botox injections to have youthful skin. Now she looks more stunning and gorgeous.

Breast implants

Melania Trump beauty: Healthy diet plan or plastic surgery adaptation

Her breast shape now looks totally different than she had in her past. This change started to seem after her child birth. To have such plumped and bigger breasts are not possible without procedure of breast augmentation. But this celebrity always denied her adaptation of cosmetic procedures. She mentioned that she had done proper exercises and is having healthy diet. This is the reason she has such perfect shape. But according to experts speculations all this is because of breast augmentation.

Face-lifting procedures

Melania Trump beauty: Healthy diet plan or plastic surgery adaptation
To hide scars and flaws from face skin people are adapting face-lifting procedures. From images of Melania Trump it seems that to gain eternal beauty this celebrity has adapted face-lifting procedures. Filler injections are the technique to get glowing and youthful skin. Melania adapted filler injections in her skin to regain her beauty which was hid because of her wrinkles. This lady seems busy in beautifying her in accordance to each respect to reach peak of beauty.

Well! Whatever cosmetic procedures she had adapted she is naturally a beauty. Let us know what you guys think about Melania Trump plastic surgery after seeing her past and current images.