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From beauty to disaster: Melanie Griffith regrets over plastic surgery In 2017

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

Melanie Richards Griffith and in American film industry known by name of Melanie Griffith has made her worth by presenting herself in astonishing roles. She was born in year 1957 and as an adolescent she began her career in non-speaking movies. in 1975, she made her credited debut in movie “Night moves”. “body double” was the movie which gave her prominence and she was awarded with “National society of Film Critics Award for best Supporting actress”. Her movie “Something wild” made her awarded with “academy Award for best actress. she was awarded with golden globe award too.

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Melanie is daughter of Peter Hedren and Tippi Hedren. Her father was child stage actor and mother was also an actress. Her family background supports great actors such as Dakota Johansson (one of the young Hollywood great actress). Melanie was just 9 months old when she was starred in a commercial. she worked as an extra and in supporting roles in her childhood. She was teenager when she got addicted to drugs and alcohol. Melanie personal life is not as cool as she seems in her acting roles. Her martial life was not stable and that is the reason she got divorced many times. She also spends time in Rehab which left many question marks on her life.

Hollywood actors and actress are famous in adapting cosmetic surgery procedures. Some of them never accept that they went under the knife to make themselves more beautiful but some accept this openly. Melanie Griffith is one of those actresses in Hollywood who not only admits her adaptation of plastic surgery procedures but also, she has regrets over her plastic surgery. In this article, we are going to mention Melanie Griffith plastic surgery procedures which ruined her looks in complete way. Melanie Griffith plastic surgery was no doubt a disaster, this thing is mentioned by herself. She shared that she has regrets over her plastic surgery and recently she seemed another doctor to make her look beautiful again. She completely lost her natural beauty after adapting plastic surgery. Below is the detail of plastic surgery procedures which she adapted:

Melanie Griffith “breast augmentation”

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

Melanie Griffith went under the knife for boob job. If we compare her past and current images then this thing is obvious to everyone that she adapted breast augmentation. But as she is 59-year-old now so with neck saggy skin and wrinkles she look horrible in her sexy breasts. Well! she herself has regrets on what she adapted to make herself beautiful.

Melanie Griffith “Liposuction”

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

Liposuction is term of cosmetic surgery in which body fats got removed from human body. if we compare her past and current images changes which started looking in her body are horrible. May be this is because of liposuction or due to usage of drugs and stuff that her body look lean. We all know that she is aged now but changes which seems in her body are due to adaptation of liposuction and usage of drugs.

Melanie Griffith “eyelid surgery”

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

Melanie Griffith was born beautiful and used to look cute in her young age. after adapting plastic surgery procedure of eye lid surgery, all the natural cuteness vanished. Now with wrinkles and clever eyes she does not look beautiful as she used to look in past. Melanie Griffith plastic surgery stole her sparkling eyes, now she has clever eyes with saggy facial skin.

Melanie Griffith “lip augmentation”

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

Nowadays there is trend of having fuller lips. So, to get these fuller lips she adapted cosmetic surgery procedure of lips augmentation. Using fillers through enlargement process, lips get fuller shape but this thing did not suit this celebrity. Melanie Griffith in full lips and wrinkles looks horrible.

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Melanie Griffith plastic surgery is one of the worst examples of plastic surgeries in this world. When she crossed age of 50 years she thought to regain her youth she must chose the way of going under the knife but this thing snatched her real beauty. Recently in an interview she admitted that she has regrets over adapting plastic surgery. We have provided her past and current images. Let us know what you guys think about Melanie Griffith plastic surgery and how she spoiled her natural looks!

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