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Messi’s magic has put Argentina back on the track of World Cup.

Messi’s magic has put Argentina back on the track of World Cup.

Lionel Messi’s master class, taking an extra-ordinary free kick previous to scoring 2 more goals, place campaign of Argentina to qualify for World Cup with a booming 3-0 triumph on Colombia.

Messi’s team lifted the win, getting better from 2 successive beat downs, into 5th place in group of South American by way of 19 points, one less than Chile and Ecuador.

Brazil tops the table by means of 24 points whereas Uruguay is 2nd with 23. Colombia slides on 6th with 18.

Top 4 straightly goes to Russia in 2018 finals and the 5th, Argentina at present, should have to qualify for an international last game for one more berth.

“It is hard to analyze when you take those type of goals and the additionally when one team contains a player named Messi,” Jose Pekerman, coach of Colombia stated.

“With the 2nd goal, the match turned into almost impossible. You attempt to acquire goals back but we could not and Messi made the difference.”

Argentina seized a 9th-minute lead with Messi’s curled free kick above the wall and inside top left corner of net with the touch of the bar for his 57th goal for Argentina.

Falcao almost scored for Colombia after 18 minutes when he took a header of free kick of James Rodriguez just above the bar.

After 5 minutes Messi excellent ball above the defense went onto the goal by means of a hard header into bottom corner by Lucas Pratto, rationalizing his addition in place of Gonzalo Higuain who was benched.

Colombia pressed back Argentina in 2nd half however the home side terrorized once more when Messi provided ball to Angel Di Maria and his attempt from a difficult angle knocked the post.

Di Maria did, on the other hand, break a goal deficiency for his nation stretching back 8 matches, in 83rd minute.