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Money Man: Mayweather’s Net worth is over 500M$

Money Man: Mayweather’s Net worth is over 500M$


Mayweather is an American famous boxer and founder of Mayweather boxing promotions. He is considered as the best boxer of his generation by wining 12 titles in his career.  He fought his first professional fight in 1996 while having in Olympic from the USA side. Later he won world championship in junior lightweight division in 1998. He held the world championship best in four different weight categories and five separate divisions. Apart from boxing he was interested in other sports too like football and other. He was fond of wearing unique things in jewelry in hands and neck too. Mayweathers net worth is around 600 million dollars.

Era of Popularity:

At start he had less knowledge about the sportsman other business and offers received from the sponsor. In his attitude he received offer from HBO for a fight worth 12 million dollars, he rejected it in his first meeting and never thought about it. Later he got to the hand on the trick that how a sportsman makes money with his popularity. He started endorsing different brands and adds. If we talk about, Net worth of Mayweather than it ranges from over 285 million dollars to 600 million or even more.  He was reported as highest paid boxer in the world in Forbes and other magazines during 2012 to 2014. Mayweather’s broke the record of professional golfer of highest income earning in a year who had earnings of 116 million dollar with his earnings of 300 million in a year.

The Million dollar fight:

His fight with Manny Pacquiao which was in 2015 broke all previous records with receiving an income of over 600 million dollars. According to rough estimates Mayweather Promotions which is the company of Mayweather achieved over 200 million dollars. The fight was so big that Mayweather topped the Forbes in 2015 in 100 Celebrities of the worlds with highest pays. His reported income was over three hundred million dollars which moved Manny Pacquiao one step down in the list and standing at second his 160 million dollars income.

Sports are business:

When may Mayweather came to know how to make money out of fame he moved on the track where other popular athletes go. He signed deals with different Showtimes in 2013 which paid him over 150 million dollars for his four upcoming fights with Manny Pacquiao. On the other side he received roughly twenty five million dollars for one bout in his fight. Due to his strong affiliation with brands and heavy advertisements he got a lot of money roughly roundabout over 100 million dollars. Mayweather got the nickname “Money” in 2015 due to his fastly money gaining activities.

Luxurious life:

He lived in Las Vegas in his huge mansion that has 5 bedrooms, 2 screens Movie Theater, big garage for lot of car parking and 7 bathrooms features a 12person shower with. He owns world’s best renowned cars like Mercedes, BMW, Bugatti and Ferrari. According to rough estimates he own cars worth 20 million dollars an addition in Mayweather net worth.

Jewlery King:

He was famous for wearing jewelry like bracelets, rings, chains and lockets. He was found of getting these jewelry items from expensive shops in unique designs.  According to the data we have collected in 2015 he has spent 0.7million dollars on single shopping trip to New York City. According to other reports he has spent another 0.5 million dollars last year on his trip to diamond city market of New York City. He was not only fond of buying jewelry but also he was famous for showing it off publically. He said in is statements during interview that the watch I am watching right now to watch my time worth’s 0.5 million dollars.  Due to his show off nature thieves often tries to loot him and even they broke into his house and stole jewelry that worth seven million dollars. This was the one of the biggest ever robbery in the history of the Las Vegas.

Life is a gamble:

Mayweather’s lifestyles most important part was his gambling. In addition to his interest in other indoor and outdoor sports he is famous for his betting abilities on different point of times in different sports event. In 2012 he received more than a million by betting on a football club. After his historic win he has announced that he has won more than 0.9 million dollar overnight in gambling in his own match.

Financial crisis:

No doubt that the superstar boxer has gain lot of money from different sources but we have come to know that he often face financial crisis. This is due to his highly unnecessarily expenditure on his luxuries live like cars of millions and penthouses and all other.  He had been reported as tax defaulter in 2009 by the tax department of USA. More than 6 million dollars tax amount was due that he had not paid since years. In 2010 he paid 5.5 million in tax due to the pressure of higher authorities.

Banks notice:

JP Morgan named Bank filled a petition against him claiming that he has defaulted a huge amount of 1.7million dollars which he had taken in sense of Car loan. Bank claimed that he had borrowed amount of almost 2 million dollars for buying the latest model of Mercedes. The bank taken over the vehicle in 2009 and recovered few of the losses by selling the car and now sued against Mayweather for the money left.

Ending note:

Mayweather’s net worth is too high despite of his free style living and open to experience behavior. He is a person who always remains fond of getting unique things in his interest without looking at his budget. He lives the most luxurious life than any one of the boxing players especially. He has the most assets than any player and topped the Forbes. If he would have not wasted a lot of money on his unnecessarily expenditure he would not have faced the issue those are listed above. No doubt he has huge net worth that is enough for his life while taking care of his expenditure.