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Moonlight” won best picture after miscomputation: Academy Awards 2017

Moonlight” won best picture after miscomputation: Academy Awards 2017

Something big has happened at Academy Awards of 2017 where winner for best movie was announced “La La Land” but then Berry Jenkins turned out the situation by saying that it is announced by mistake and real winner is movie “Moonlight”.

Situation at this time was very much dramatic as crew of movie “La La Land” was in mid-speech to get the Award and was about to celebrate but suddenly Jenkins showed envelope in which it was written that Best picture Award is for “Moonlight”.

This all was done by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty who took the wrong envelop and announced “La La Land” for the Best picture Award. They told that this all happened because of the misconfusion between the best Actress Award which was for Emma Stone who is starred in Movie “La La Land” and they accidently announced “La La Land” the winner.

This thing got confirmed again by Jimmy Kimmel who was Show host, he showed envelop by adding words that I was afraid that I will screw up the show and now I realized that I screwed it really.

Damien Chazelle (La La Land director) and Jenkins hugged each other because of this chaos. Because of this chaos presenters, winners, actors at award show disarray to see the envelop but Beatty refused to show the envelop to anyone and just handed it to Jimmy Kimmel.

Astonished Jenkins mentioned that even in my dreams it cannot be true but to hell with dreams this thing has happened in real.

At that same time Emma Stone was holding envelops of her winning Award in her hand at back stage and because of this incident she said that this is the craziest moment at Oscars.

It can be noticed in a statement that an apology to every film came from Pwc.

Cool and composed Jenkins told reporters that, “It was unfortunate that things happened as they did but, goddamn, we won best picture.