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Top ten most Expensive High Heels in the World 2017

Shoes are that thing by which you can recognize anyone, as it is commonly said if you want to guess about a person whom you are meeting first, look at his/her shoes. When we talk about women shoes, there comes different categories, flats, boots, heels etc.
Here we are concerned with Top ten most Expensive High Heels in the World. It is not necessary a high heel shoe pair is always studded with pearls and diamonds but the expensive ones must have these ornaments. Diamonds are always the best chums of a female, and if there is a fancy studded pair of shoes, then all will go to it.
On special events women always want to wear high heels and the fancy ones. Women purchase those shoes which are either iconic, trendy, historical or new. The woman whose passion is to buy shoes will spend any amount to her favourite one. The following most expensive high heels in the world are mostly out of range. Just celebrities can afford them.
There are several shoe brands that are making expensive shoes and most expensive stilettos, well expensive shoes are not just studded with ornaments, when they are made it is kept in mind they should hold a good and comfortable quality plus long lasting. So take a look below at most expensive stilettos in the world.

1. Stuart Weitzman – “Rita Hayworth heels”

most Expensive High Heels

The first number in the list of Top ten most Expensive High Heels in the World for women folk, here is “Rita Hayworth heels”. It is a special pair made by popular shoe designer Stuart Weitzman. The shoe pair hold multiple art-work of sapphires, diamonds and rubies. The shoes are prepared with satin in rust colour and it’s an open-toed stiletto. These stylish pair was first carried by artist Rita Hayworth in film Shawshank Redemption. After that these heels were carried by her own daughter ‘Yasmin Aga Khan’. Now come at the cost, these number first expensive high heel shoes hold a price tag of $3 million. Many gorgeous ladies wore it and made the events so special.

2. Harry Winston – “Ruby Slippers”

most Expensive High Heels

Harry Winston the best popular designer of different items designed these second number most expensive stilettos in the world. These heels are a true copy of another ruby slippers by designer Dorothy. Though slippers by Dorothy picked prominence worldwide but this new version is completed by heavy jewel work. Harry worked for 2 months for the finishing of its appearance. The designer Harry did this work to present honour to popular movie “The Wizard of Oz” at its 50th anniversary. These ruby slippers carry 1350 rubies and 50 diamonds, which the original shoe pair lack. These ornaments made this shoe of the heavy price $3 million.

3. Stuart Weitzman – “Tanzanite Heels”

 most Expensive High Heels

These high heels are the result of a teamwork. Designers Eddie Le and Weitzman designed this outstanding and amazing item for womenfolk. The females who want to carry the stylish and expensive things will go to it because these stilettos are of 2 million dollars. These shoes are prepared by silver leather. A necklace type strap is fitted on top while a strip is used on the toe side that is layered with 28 carat diamond and 185 carat bright blue tanzanite stone. Drooping of 16 carat tanzanite made these heels look amazing that’s why added in the list of Top ten most Expensive High Heels in the World.

4. Stuart Weitzman – “Cinderella Slippers”

most Expensive High Heels

Bearish fantasy the “Cinderella Slippers” are another finest and voguish making of Stuart Weitzman. There are crusted 565 gems of 55 carat while at laces there is used platinum. Weitzman always made his name when we talk about women shoes, remember the expensive ones but wonderful. These “Cinderella Slippers” are of 2 million dollars and first wore by the gorgeous actress Alison Krauss at 2004 Oscars.

5. Stuart Weitzman – “Ruby Stilettos”

Expensive High Heels

One more time the popular Stuart Weitzman with his “Ruby Stilettos” came to fifth position in the list of Top ten most Expensive High Heels in the World. The heels cost 1.6 million dollars. The reason behind its this hefty price tag is red satin, which is used to made these pair with addition to 600 rubies, one ruby weights a pound. It’s a classy pair of shoes that drops elegancy from its attractive look. No one yet carried “Ruby Stilettos” in her feet and this pair is enlisted in rare collections.

6. Stuart Weitzman – “Platinum Guild stiletto”

most Expensive High Heels

The really classy, stylish and fancy; these “Platinum Guild stiletto” took the popular designer Weitzman among most expensive stilettos in the world. There are used platinum straps on top and toe side, on which 464 Kwiat diamonds are crusted. The fancy shoe pair is sold on the cost of 1.09 million dollars. The major speciality of this product is its detachable diamond layers, so you can change them into casual ones. First these stilettos were wore by Laura Harring at 2004 Oscars.

7. Stuart Weitzman – “Retro Rose Pump”

 most Expensive High Heels

All the list is made by Stuart Weitzman designed shoes, now here are his “Retro Rose Pump” with a striking design. Everyone wants to carry these stilettos but only the top rated females can afford it because of its $1 million cost and that’s why added in the list of Top ten most Expensive High Heels in the World. The heels give an astonishing look from front, because of 1800 100 carat diamond of Kwiat. First wore by gorgeous Hollywood actress Diablo Cody at 2008 Oscars.

8. Stuart Weitzman – “Marilyn Monroe Shoe”

most Expensive High Heels

Stuart Weitzman is a popular shoe designer specially design for womenfolk. His designed shoes include the high heel shoes that are also called stilettos. “Marilyn Monroe Shoes” are one of his creation that costs $1 million. The pair is festooned of satin rose plus sparkled with Swarovski crystals. The finishing of the shoes is done very neatly and elegantly. Regina King first carried the pair at 2005 Oscars, later that pair was auctioned at 1 million.

9. ‘Wizard of Oz’ – “Ruby Slippers”

most Expensive High Heels

“The Wizard of Oz” a fantasy film, used these slippers for its actress Dorothy and named it “Ruby Slippers”. The pair owns a burnish design without any ornaments like rubies or diamonds. The only thing red sequins is used with three crystals and a bugle bead. These slippers doesn’t cost that much, the only reason of its heavy price is its popularity due to associated movie. Many females want to carry one pair of “Ruby Slippers” due to affection with character and that’s why added in the list of Top ten most Expensive High Heels in the World. Current value of these slippers is $612,000.

10. Stuart Weitzman – “Diamond Dream Stilettos”

most Expensive High Heels

Tenth position is also secured by Stuart Weitzman by his designed shoes “Diamond Dream Stilettos”. The first was used by Anika Noni at 2007 Oscars. With the price tag of $500,000 these shoes hold 1420 diamond, while left entire case is made of platinum. Each shoe carry 2 straps crusted with diamond circles while toe side strap is plane. The one of most expensive stilettos in the world is a very stunning piece.