Top ten most Expensive Pearls in the World 2017

Appreciating the beauty has remained an always human trait, and when we talk about women beauty God has created them all gorgeously beautiful. Praising women’s beauty is not easy and affordable, as they love jewellery items and when it comes to diamonds, sapphires and pearls they will love that type of praising.
Pearls are found inside oyster either in salted or fresh water, they are only gems that are made by living organism. Pearls don’t need to be further modified. However South Pacific Ocean’s white pearl is best adored and known as gems queen. Wearing pearls is status symbol and showing wealth. Pure pearls costs very heavy amount so can’t be afforded by a normal person. A high-rated celeb or person from a wealthy family can only afford a pure pearl.
Pearl jewellery charms a female’s image and below we have presented Top ten most Expensive Pearls in the World.

10. “Pierre Cartier Necklace”

most Expensive Pearls

Popular jewellery designer Pierre Cartier started his shop in 1917 at New York. Now this place is made headquarter and this headquarter was bought from “Morton Freeman Plant” giving 100 dollars cash and a 2-strand pearl necklace. Cartier is assembling natural pearl’s necklaces since many years. This brand’s necklaces are same expensive as Rembrandts and Old Masters. Pierre Cartier Necklace’s pearls are considered one of the most expensive pearls that’s why presented this necklace here in Top ten most Expensive Pearls in the World. This necklace costs 1 million dollars.

9. “3 Strand Natural Pearls Necklace”

most Expensive Pearls

This lovely jewellery item holds precious pearls. First this necklace was auctioned via Christie in New York. Christie is a well-known showcase for beautiful and unique things. Different sized one-eighty natural pearls are used in this beautiful necklace. To complete this precious item a diamond plus emerald rich cabochon is used, which enhances its beauty. If you to a party wearing this “3 Strand Natural Pearl Necklace”, you will stand aside from all other ladies. This necklace costs 1.4 million dollars.

8. “5 Strand Natural Pearls Necklace”

most Expensive Pearls

This “5 Strand Natural Pearls Necklace” was also presented by Christie in 2012. Sixty-three natural pearls are comprised in innermost strand of this stunning piece of jewellery, former has sixty-eight, next has seventy-two and last 2 strands are comprised of seventy-three natural pearls. There is used a gold wrapped silk blue made cord to join all strands at ends. This pearl necklace have precious pearls that’s why added to Top ten most Expensive Pearls in the World with cost 1.7 million dollars.

7. “Cowdray Pearls Necklace”

most Expensive Pearls

Cowdray pearls are of grey colour and these pearls are found very rare. This single strand necklace is comprised of thirty different size pearls. The necklace holds a diamond cut clasp, which enhances the necklace’s beauty. These grey pearls belongs to Lady Pearson and Viscountess Cowdray. In 2002 this pearl necklace was auctioned at 3.3 million dollars.

6. “Lao Tzu Pearls Necklace”

 most Expensive Pearls

This very exquisite pearl is referred as ‘Pearl of ALLAH’. Lao Tzu pearl is considered as biggest natural pearl existed on planet. It has baroque shape and was discovered in 1930 at Philippines’ water. Used in different jewellery items its weight is above 14 pounds. Though Lao Tzu pearl has unappealing shape and lustre but still it costs is 3.5 million dollars. With this heft price tag Lao Tzu is presented in Top ten most Expensive Pearls in the World.

5. “Double Strand Pearl Necklace”

most Expensive Pearls

Above you have already seen 2 or 3 strand pearl necklaces but here is this most precious 2 strand necklace made of special shaded pearls. Each strand comprises 120 pearls ranging from big-small. Basically the centre of necklace contain white pearls and goes to cream colour and imbued with green and subtle rose tones. There is also a clasp used to join straps and this clasp is made of 3 carat diamond. In 2012 Christie sold this necklace at 3.7 million dollars.

4. “Big Pink Pearl”

 most Expensive Pearls

We all know pearls are not modified, they born natural. This “Big Pink Pearl” was discovered in 1990 by Wesley Rankin. This baroque shaped iridescent pearl weighs very heavy, 470 carats. These unique abalone pearls are multitoned like silver, pink, lavender, green and orange colours. In 19991 this pink pearl was valued 4.7 million dollars and still positions at Rankin. Rankin is the owner of Californian brand “Pacific Coast Pearls”.

3. “Baroda Pearl Necklace”

 most Expensive Pearls

2 stranded pure white “Baroda Pearl Necklace” has a history. This necklace comprises different type 68 natural pearls. Indian Maharajas own the original “Baroda Pearl Necklace” that had seven strands and called saath lahda. The modern “Baroda Pearl Necklace” is made of each row’s pearl of old necklace. There is present a clasp of cushion-cut diamonds for joining 2 straps. In 2007 this necklace was sold at 7.1 million dollars that’s why added in list of in Top ten most Expensive Pearls in the World.

2. “La Peregrina Pearls Necklace”

most Expensive Pearls

The loveliest necklace of the list here is this “La Peregrina Pearls Necklace”. The pearl used to make this necklace was its time’s most eminent pearl. Its pear shape and lively white colour lifts the necklace look. The necklace have flowers made of diamonds and centred with rubies. An artist Richard Burton purchased this very beautiful necklace to gift Elizabeth Taylor, his wife. And later this necklace was sold at 11.8 million dollars by Christie.

1. “Beauty of Ocean” Pearl

most Expensive Pearls

In year 2006 there was revealed the biggest pearl in China. It was named as “Beauty of Ocean” while height of this great pearl is 5 feet and weighs six tons. But an interesting thing, it is manmade pearl, containing fluorite. It took three years to be shaped in a pearl. Glow in dark is its major specification. This most expensive pearl of list Top ten most Expensive Pearls in the World costs 139 million dollars and is valued very much.

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