Top ten Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World 2017

Commonly we purchase sunglasses either to protect our eyes from sun rays or from dust, but in present modern age sunglasses are used to look classy and stylish. Either men or women, all individuals want to wear cool sunglasses when they go out. Fashion conscious people always want to buy trendy and chic things, without concerning cost. Getting advantage, various brands are making sunglasses of high price.
Despite of all facts people wear expensive sunglasses for self-gratification, these type of people are top celebs or other high class individuals, but common people doesn’t buy any accessory which will affect his/her bank balance. Common people even doesn’t know how much a real expensive sunglasses cost. Most expensive sunglasses are just dreamt of, these are used as status symbol.
Many popular designers like Chopard, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbanaare offering some special expensive sunglasses, these glasses are jewel-studded that’s why expensive. Following we have presented Top ten Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World, you will say wow after seeing them.

1. “Vision SunglassesChopard De Rigo”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

Swiss company famous for its luxurious items, here is Chopard, which stands at top number in list of Top ten Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World. Chopard make those glasses that grace faces of earth. Their sunglasses are manufactured with fancy collaboration. Their De Rigo product is a vision sunglasses whose stem is made of 60grm 24carat gold. On both sides company’s logo C is embossed between 51 4carat river cut diamonds. With brown frameless lenses these sunglasses are very classy to wear for price $408,000.

2. “Dolce & Gabbana DG2027B”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

These very elegant and sophisticated type sunglasses are offered by a well-known fashion product brand. Its brown lenses are all framed by gold, this give a warm and appealing look. On one stem there is embossed Dolce with shining stones and on other stem with same stones there is embossed Gabbana. Don’t wonder, nothing completes without a Dolce & Gabbana items, when talking about fashion. These sunglasses are sold on $383,000 and can’t afforded by a common civilian.

3. “Emerald sunglasses by Shiels Jewellers”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

It’s an Australian company originated in 1945 by designer Jack Shiels. Lenses fit in these glasses are made of pure emerald stone.A Roman emperor used emerald stone to cover his eyes from sun while appreciating his warrior’s fights, got inspired by him these sunglasses were made.
Lenses’ outlining andstem is made of pure gold and bridge is speckled with small diamonds. Making of this sunglasses took five years including procurement cut and shaping. A top rated personality can buy these sunglasses at $200,000 that’s why added in list of Top ten Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World.

4. “Cartier Panther Sunglasses”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

Cartier Company made these classy and stylish sunglasses. Without lenses this frame’s stem and bridge is made of 18carat white gold. Name pantherisn’t a verbiage but a real presentation, on its stem there are lied small panthers. On sunglasses there are embossed 561 diamonds while 645 sapphires, which are decorated on panthers and also on bridge.
If you have decided to order”Cartier Panther Sunglasses” then you will get just a frame without lenses. You have to buy separatelens.

5. “CliC Sports Gold Sunglasses”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

Ron Lando’s founder designed these sunglasses with collaboration of jewellery brand Hugh Power. Each piece of sunglasses is handmade and took 40-50 hours. Moreover the entire frame is made of gold. These glasses are the most expensive one among sports sunglasses and made by the person who manufactured most expensive reading glasses that’s why presented here in Top ten Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World. Its brown thick lenses are framed just from top. This stylish gold made sunglasses are available at $75,000.

6. “Luxuriator Canary Diamond Sunglasses”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

The best stylish, elegant and classy sunglasses in the whole list are, “Luxuriator Canary Diamond Sunglasses”. Without dark lenses, entire frame is plated with 18carrat gold. Stem and lenses are combined with diamonds while two bridges are also speckled with diamonds. 132 diamonds used on this glasses are hand-cut. Temples are made byivory buffalo horns. This classy piece is available at $65,000.

7. “Maybach’s Diplomat I”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

Basically Maybach was started in 1909 as luxurious car brand and after offering expensive cars for a century company was purchased by Daimler AG in 2013. Accompaniment to their cars they made only fifty limited pieces. These sunglasses have 18carat gold frames and each piece is speckled with 174 1.18carat handcrafted diamonds. Temples are made of buffalo horns using tortoise shade.This is a classy stylish piece of sunglasses that will enhance your personality that’s why added in Top ten Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World and is available at $60,000.

8. “Bulgaria Flora Sunglasses”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

A chic piece from the list here is this “Bulgaria Flora Sunglasses”. Mine favourite eye-cat style frame. Its stem is made of 18carat white gold while lens frame edges is speckled with diamonds. Flowers designed on stem are crusted with aquamarine plus blue sapphires.
You will get a real piece at 59,000 dollars while a less bling cheap is available at 25,000 dollars.

9. “Gold, Wood & Diamond Sunglasses”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

A sophisticated pieces of glasses this is made of wood, gold and diamonds; as listed in name. There are total 253 diamonds are speckled from them 22 are of princess-cut. Stem of the frame is made of wood. Combination of wood, gold and diamonds in a single frame is the major charm. This is the most ostentatious piece of list available for you at $55,000 and that’s why added in list of Top ten Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World.

10. “Bentley Platinum glasses”

Most Expensive Sunglasses

Basically popular as a luxurious car brand, Bentley was originated by WO Bentley in 1919. But shortly purchased by Rolls-Royce. They presented a limited edition of their sunglasses with 100 pieces, when they celebrated their luxury car launch. Original piece of glasses isentirely made of platinum and is available at $45,276 while some low models are manufactured using rose, white or yellow gold and are available at $14,000 each.

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