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Top ten Most Luxurious Watch Brands for Men 2017-2018

Wristwatches are always trended to complete an individual’s look, particularly menfolk. Either it’s a formal event or casual they always carry watch on their wrist. Men’s Luxurious watches doesn’t mean fancy ones. Elegant watches are best suitable to men. Gentlemen always prefer stylish but elegant accessories.
In present era people observe people with which they are carrying. So everyone want to wear the best stylish but classy things. If you are going to buy your first luxury watch or addition to existing collection, there are a huge number of wristwatches belongs to different brands. You can select your most favourite watch though it’s difficult to select from an enormous collection.
Following there is presented a list of Top ten Most Luxurious Watch Brands for Men 2017-2018.

1. Rolex:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands for Men

Among all other luxurious watch brands, Rolex is the best one. It provides classy stylish wristwatches for menfolk. If you are wrapping a Rolex watch people automatically think of your success. Rolex brand was discovered by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905 at London. In 2014 Rolex was ranked at 72 position among World’s Most Global Brands. Rolex also marked a record of making 2000 pieces in a day. First wristwatch was in 1926 by name Oyster with waterproof quality. Price of Rolex watches starts from 650 dollars and goes to 75,000 dollars. They use 904L steel in making their products.
Rolex owns its personal science lab. This thing made this brand more significant. And it is presented here at first number in list of Top ten Most Luxurious Watch Brands for Men 2017-2018.

2. Hublot:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

The second luxurious brand for men wristwatches, Hublot is a Swiss company founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980 but first store by this brand was opened in 2007 at Paris. Leading with 50 worldwide outlets it offers undeniably attractive watches. There is no cons rather its expensive prices and limited editions. Its latest models are of high technology and you never say no to any of them.
Hublot use the anti-reflexive sapphire for dial window and stainless steel for the case.

3. Omega:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

Third position is secured by Omega Company. The Swiss brand is located at Switzerland that was founded by Louis Brandt in 1903. Omega is choice of NASA whereas the first brand that was kept to moon. Top rated celebs also prefer to wear this brand, and its designs are also popular in young boys.
Features like helium escape amount, chronometer, screw crown, and many others are available in Omega wristwatches.

4. Hamilton:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

An American brand organized since 1892, but Swiss Swatch Company acquired it in 1971. Swatch group has 20 these type of acquired companies and known as largest watch marketer. Though Hamilton is a Swiss company now but still keep American aesthetics in watches. The brand offers something amazing in just 300-400 dollars. They use sapphire glass and stainless steel in making their products. There is a pilot category of this brand, watches from this category are very inspiring but cost upto $329. The only cons of this brand is its extra simplicity.

5. Fossil:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

Most individuals remember Fossil wristwatches since their school time. But the brand had changed many things in its timepieces. Now Fossil is listed among Top ten Most Luxurious Watch Brands for Men 2017-2018. The modern category of Fossil wristwatches comprise handsome masculine watches starting from $200.
Most designs by Fossil are slender to sports type, and that is evident in their dress-watches with big diameter as equated to other brand’s dress-watches. Fossil always use best quality materials in manufacturing of their products, like stainless steel, pure leather and mineral crystals. But their sport tones and large diameter aren’t enjoyed by many people.

6. Bulova:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

The American brand positioned at New York was originated in 1875. Joseph Bulova founded brand was bought by a Citizen in 2008 and from then this brand is a finest big watch brand. A huge collection of wristwatches is offered at different price range. But all the timepieces have a common precise craftsmanship in them.
You can get a watch under $300 to many of thousand dollars and their each entry-level watch also holds impressive craftsmanship, sapphire glass and Swiss movement. Accuracy is best found in Bulova watches, with their luxury collection also. But some people say their hefty price tags doesn’t match their products.

7. Orient:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

Subsidy of Seiko Company, now Orient is not so popular as earlier. But Orient is still manufacturing its affordable, attractive, versatile and classy timepieces. With dress-watches and automatic dive-watches Orient is listed among Top ten Most Luxurious Watch Brands for Men 2017-2018. You can buy a good wristwatch at less than $150. Orient is doing a decent job on its aesthetic category to show they are still upto date with modern watches.
With casual pieces Orient offers Mako category that have the classiest watches with most reasonable prices. But their base watches are a bit expensive than other brand’s base watches.

8. Seiko:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

A brand with vibrant combination of longevity, reliability and value, here is a Japanese brand Seiko. With all the categories of casuals, formals, sports dress or fancy wristwatches Seiko Company is leading watch manufacturers. Some individuals think Seiko watches are cheap just because they are made in Japan, but many people adore this brand for its luxurious watch-enthusiasts. All the time pieces are highly reliable and valuable with best quality.
Everyman should keep atleast one Seiko watch in his collection. Especially you will fall in love with its automatic divers. Seiko is always used as a timekeeper at official events like Olympics, world cups and other major sports events.

9. Invicta:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

Invicta offer a huge collection of timepieces especially for men. They make myriad timepieces in different affordable price range. Many watches are nothing but just gems, and are available at affordable prices. Under $200 you can a get a good luxurious wristwatch for you with sapphire glass and Japanese automatic-movement.
They present those high-quality features in their collection at cheap rates, which worth hundred dollars. But they didn’t work on their luxury timepieces that were deeply inspired by their Swiss counterpart.

10. Timex:

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

Distant from modern timepieces, many people still wear Timex watches as fashion statement and classy lifestyle. Timex was originated earlier but made its reputation in 1980’s and continued it since then. People who want luxurious plus affordable wristwatches can go for Timex collection. The brand generally focuses on product’s value. They offer some very good timepieces under $100.
Best thing about Timex watches is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good watch. They present their classic watches under $50 and high-end pieces under $200.
Other than aesthetics watches, Timex is providing features like alarm, date, heart rate, GPS etc. in its other categories.

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