Top ten Most Popular Handbag Designers In 2017

Handbags aren’t just an accessory, they are necessity of a woman. Like men females can’t keep their things in pockets, rather they have to carry their some of everything with them like some make-up and other daily use things. Handbag or you can say it a purse, it conveniently works for female’s all necessary items. While walking out of home at morning you can put everything you need all the day and carry it on your shoulder.
Handbags are a requirement of every female, that’s why each single woman used to carry it on her shoulder. Just like clothing and shoes, womenfolk want to buy a designer bag, to compete with other women.
Several brands are designing handbags, some of them are very popular and mostly used by womenfolk. These brands are making different sizes handbags with different styles and different materials. Some branded handbags are for casual use and some are formals. These formals are decorated with different ornaments and stuffs. Those bags are mostly liked which are made of pure leather and current fashion is of totes, those totes which are straight without some baggy thing.
Following we have presented Top ten Most Popular Handbag Designers, we hope you’ll like their collections.

1. Channel

Most Popular Handbag Designers

There isn’t anyone who never listened about Channel brand. Channel is the most popular brand that is producing different products like from handbags to shoes and clothes. It’s a company by French designer that was first found in 1909 by Coco Channel. Womenfolk always desire to carry a channel handbag, that’s why several counterfeited are present in market. Be careful while buying, because you can’t get a designer bag at cheap price. Channel Company always use premium leather to manufacture products with famous gold embellishments.

2. Michael Kors

Most Popular Handbag Designers

Michael is an American designer who established his brand in 1981. This brand isn’t just known for its quality and stylish handbags but also for other items. One interesting news about Michael Kors Company is that this company was originated in early 80’s but didn’t opened their any store till 2006, and now they have 550 stores worldwide.
This number second brand among Top ten Most Popular Handbag Designers offers all type of bags from cross-body to satchels. With a high price range their all collection is made of pure leather. All bags are classy yet elegant.

3. Kate Spade

Most Popular Handbag Designers

This American brand always designs fashion items for people. It was founded in 1993 and since then this brand is offering quality handbags each year. When originated in 1993 it was named as “Kate Spade Handbags” but then it was sold and named as solely handbags. As the company started growing they began throwing out more products. In 2007 they introduced home collection, comprising bed and bath items and latter introduced their fragrances.
“Kate Spade Handbags” are the best handbags a female can add in her collection, without concerning to age or any other thing. Their handbags are offered in different styles and made of pure leather. All the collection is very classy and elegant.

4. Gucci

Most Popular Handbag Designers

Another very famous brand, Gucci was found in 1921 at Italy by French designer. After originating this brand became a wealth symbol for people as its items are wore by Queen Elizabeth and others. This brand is very popular for its men items collection but still well-known for women items. Gucci present very stylish handbags, with premium leather. Gucci Company run almost 550 stores worldwide and is valued of 12.4 million dollars approximately. Gucci collection include all type handbags from mini-bags to totes and backpacks. With cool price its handbags are a good investment that’s why added in list of Top ten Most Popular Handbag Designers.

5. Coach

Most Popular Handbag Designers

It’s an American brand that is providing its customers a range of luxurious items. One from collection are handbags, with timeless designs, great stich work and premium leather. Almost after 70 years of being originated coach still wonders its customers with its classic and signature collection of bags. It also offers swagger and rouge collection of handbags.
With the finest features Coach comes with most decent prices of its products. You can select a classy handbag here.

6. Louis Vuitton

Most Popular Handbag Designers

Well-known by LV this is a French company that was originated 160 years ago. Louis Vuitton started with canvas travel and soon in 1997 Marc Jacobs was appointed as creative director and they started offering women handbags with premium quality. Louis Vuitton is a sign of luxury handbags and currently it stands on 6th position in list of Top ten Most Popular Handbag Designers.

7. Hermes

Most Popular Handbag Designers

Originated by a French businessman in 19th century, Hermes presents a luxurious collection of all accessories. The unique logo of a horse and Duc carriage they are very famous. The businessman Thierry Hermes first owned a workshop of bridle carriage and wrought harness. At that time none thought this workshop will change into a very popular high-fi fashion products brand. Now handbags made from this company are just of very premium quality. If you carry it in good way these bags will be your year’s companion.

8. Balenciaga

Most Popular Handbag Designers

A Spanish designer named Cristobal Balenciaga founded this brand, and this a European brand started in 1919 with a small outlet. Due to some bad conditions they relocated to Paris. But still their products are of high quality because they never compromised on their quality. Royal family of Spain also wore this brand. Balenciaga presents very stylish handbags for womenfolk. They also made handbags for men. Beside handbags this company is presenting clothes, glasses and shoes also.

9. Prada

Most Popular Handbag Designers

The very best used leather brand, Prada was originated in 1913 by an Italian designer, named Mario Prada. They are running 618 outlets worldwide. A front of handbags collection. According to 2015 survey they earned 954 million euro in a year.
Prada is best suggested for those women who want fashionable items and want to show themselves a fashion icon. Recently they released their hundred dollar collection from which you can one of Prada bag to your collection.

10. Burberry

Most Popular Handbag Designers

An English designer originated a brand with name Burberry on his name Thomas Burberry. Burberry is a good famous brand for clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories. Its collection is very luxurious and different from American brands. English style is reserved by them. Burberry run 500 outlets worldwide with 442 million dollars of yearly income. It’s a trademark among fashion products world and people are used to buy its items. That’s why this brand is listed in Top ten Most Popular Handbag Designers.

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