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Mosul Battle: Experts Probe IS Mass Grave at Hammam al-Alil

Experts Probe IS Mass Grave at Hammam al-Alil

The experts of the forensic are investigation of the mass grave to be discovered with the troops who advance with the Islamic state held with the Mosul city.

The military of Iraq are in the agricultural college ground at the town of Hamam al Alil which also contains about 100 bodies decapitated.

The skeletons are reduced with the unclear skin of victims. IS militants are carried away with the mass killings and they also have fresh atrocities in accusation of the areas which have recent weeks.

Mosul is being forced with the last IS in the urban stronghold of Iraq with an offensive forces fo government to begin on October 17.

The troops of Iraq are found in the grave with mass production and they notice a smell which si strong in the advancement of town and it is about 30 km at south on Monday.

This was sent by a bulldozer at the site to embark the earth and the bones were unearthed with the decomposed bodies with the clothing scarps and bags in plastic.

The victims were with the security forces in the personnel forces and this footage of video was from the press of associated with the hold of child in stuffed animal at the grave.

The Nineveh council of province is the militants of the agricultural college to be trooped with the police and they retook the town. The torture of the world was shooting with the throats and this teacher of English was from Hamam Al – Alil and the home was taken to the middle of it.

Civilians were free with the methods of Daesh in torture and they imagined all the jihadist group names. They carried out the mass killings with the forces in security and the religious and ethnic members of northern Iraq were taking too much control of the Mosul.

40 soldiers were allegedly killed from the areas of Shura and Hama Al – Alil. Their bodies are also thrown with the Tigris River.

After two days, the reports were showing about the minibuses and Lorries to attempt the transfer forcibly with about 25, 000 civilians and they are located in many different regions of the world. They have taken complete control of the town with the north east Mosul after the launch.

The special forces of Iraq have cleared the districts of east and they have entered a city for the first time in the shops of the residents.