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Muhammad Ali Net Worth How Rich is Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali


Net worth

$50 Million Dollars


Muhammad Ali was a professional boxer. He was born as Cassius Marcellous Clay on 17 January 1942 in Louisville Kentucky, the 30th most populous city of United States of America.

Father of Muhammad Ali was billboards painter while his mother was a housewife. Muhammad Ali net worth is mainly earned from his profession of boxing.

Muhammad Ali net worth and his profession:

Muhammad Ali

Most of Muhammad Ali net worth consists of his earnings from his fights as boxer.

In year 2006 he was ranked at number 13 in top 100 Forbes based on this net worth.

He is at number 8 in the richest boxers of the world.

Beginning of the Career;

Muhammad Ali

 Muhammad Ali was a student while he stepped in this career. Once he was indulged in a fight with a person who stole his bike and was sent to police station. One of the police men suggested him to be a professional boxer when he observed the anger of Cassius Marcellous Clay when he was only 12 years old.

He started boxing training from his coach “Fred Stoner”. Fred Stoner and Cassius Marcellous Clay later on had a lot of fights together. Those fights gave the first income to Muhammad Ali net worth as they together won 6 Kentucky Golden gloves, An Amateur Junior Athlete title and two National Golden Gloves. Muhammad Ali won 100 and lost only 3 fights, people claim that those few defeats were due to roots of disease which was diagnosed later on.

Muhammad Ali net worth and his high paying fights;

The first remarkable victory of Muhammad Ali was in year 1961 when he won Olympic championship. In this champion ship he won light heavyweight gold medal. By this victory he became the youngest heavyweight champion as he achieved the title at the age of 22.

After this marvelous he remained undefeated for consecutive 3 years. Muhammad Ali was first and only athlete to get this honor. Muhammad Ali net worth has a large proportion from earning he got from these fights.

Starting from this victory he fought for approximately 21 years from 1960 to 1981 with a break of nearly 4 years.

A major boost to Muhammad Ali net worth came with his fight in 1971 which is known as “Fight of the Century”.

In this fight of the century both of the boxer got 2.5 million dollars each.

Another fight which raised the Muhammad Ali net worth was super fight 2 which was won by him.

Then in 1975 he earned almost 5 million dollars which gave another boost to Muhammad Ali net worth.

This journey of victories kept going and increasing his net worth to almost 57 million dollars which was earned merely through his boxing career.

In 1980 he fought another great game at Las Vegas and added nearly 8 million dollars in his net worth.

Muhammad Ali net worth and book he wrote;

he wrote a book having title of “ The soul of the butterfly” which is still being sold at different prices ranging from 3 dollars (used) to 12 dollars (new). Which added in the Muhammad Ali net worth.

Muhammad Ali net worth earned from other endorsements;

Muhammad ali net worth has a large proportion of his net worth earned from his media endorsements against rights of using his name and images etc. He earned approximately 20% in his commercial rights.

Muhammad Ali net worth and Philanthropy and social work;

Muhammad Ali has done a lot in social work and as a philanthropist.

Most of his work done in these areas is after leaving the boxing as a career.

Muhammad Ali net worth and compounding of income;

Once there was a time when net worth of Muhammad Ali reached up to the level of 80 million dollars.  He is the man who never compounded his income to have it increased which can be shown by hs present net worth came down to 50 million dollars as he had his last fight around 35 years ago.

Muhammad Ali Net worth compared with other boxers of his generation;

If we compare the net worth of Muhammad Ali with the other boxers of his era, we have the following series of facts:

  • Joe Frazier has a total of 100 million dollars as double than that of Muhammad Ali.
  • Net worth of another boxer of his generation, George Foreman is 250 million dollars. As compared to worth of Muhammad Ali it is almost 5 times larger than Muhammad Ali net worth.
  • Another boxer of his generation was Leon Spinks who has a net worth of 200000 U.S dollars which is comparatively smaller one.
  • Floyd Mayweather has 170 million dollars as his net worth which is 3.4 times larger than the net worth of Muhammad Ali.
  • Net worth of Muhammad Ali is approximately 4 times smaller than the net worth of Oscar De La Hoya as he has 200 million dollars as his net worth.

Muhammad Ali had not been a great boxer only but a great person as well. The greatest Muhammad Ali died on 3rd June 2016 during his fight with diseases in hospital. He was no doubt the greatest as a boxer and extremely tremendous as a person as well.