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New York bombs ‘Were Both Shrapnel Pressure Cooker Devices

New York bombs 'Were Both Shrapnel Pressure Cooker Devices

A bomb was exploded at a place close to New Jersey railway station and was exploded with a suspicious device which attempted with a robot according to the officials.

Five devices were found in a backpack inside of a bin which was close to the Elizabeth at a station according to the mayor of city and nobody got hurt.

Three attacks made this discovery last on the weekend and the bombing took place in New York and stabbing took place in Minnesota.

29 people got injured in the explosion of New York’s Chelsea.

Police ignited a device in Elizabeth, New Jersey and followed on Monday with a concern to bomb it live.

Mayor gave a statement that the explosion was not controlled and added about the blast which happened on the examination of a robotic device to cut a wire.

This bag has got a huge number of devices which were picked up from the dustbin with the help of two men and could have something big in it.

The backpack was clearly examined by the police and they found pipes and wires in it which were dropped by walking side the corner and they also went to the headquarters to notify the right way to them.

FBI also investigated about the New York City and they stopped their vehicle of interest on Sunday in Brooklyn and did not arrest anyone.

Custody of five people was taken in under control and questioned them for the US media. The investigation continued with the spokeswoman.

This bomb was ignited in Chelsea on Saturday and the device which was found close by was filled with the pressure cookers and they were similar to the bombs that were used in the attacks in Boston Marathon in 2013 according to the report of media.

The design was similar to the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The attack took place with the US in the weekend.


  • The explosion of pipe bomb took place on the charity route race in New York and forced the event to cancel which caused no more injuries.
  • About eight people got injured with it and stabbed an attack in the shopping mall in US in the Minnesota state.


  • 29 people were injured in the explosion which was intentional in the Manhattan Chelsea area.
  • A device was found later with the four blocks in the blast site and got destroyed with the controlled explosion.
  • Suspicious devices were in this backpack and were found in New Jersey, Elizabeth.


  • Elizabeth explosion got one device in the disposal of bomb and tried to deactivate in it.

People were running for their lives.

About 1, 000 people ran with the personnel security and developed the transport of New York. Some authorities have explained it to be the bombing at weekend in New Jersey with the attack of stabbing in Minnesota. It acted as a terrorist attack and established with the linkage in between them.

They were crude and were an international group behind this attack.

An Islamic state has been suspected behind this attack which are called as soldiers and IS was not involved in it.