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Nick Young Net Worth: How Rich is Nick Young?

Nick Youn

Nick Young Net Worth: 8 million Dollars

Nick Young is a Basketball player who was born in Los Angeles California.

Now a days he is playing for his own town team NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers.

Nick Young Net Worth at Beginning of career;


The young player had started his career as playing in very young age during his high school days. Initially he chose to play college ball at University of Southern California Torjans. He was one of the top recruits at that age.

He got the honor of All-Pac –10 first teamer twice in two years and then appeared in sweet sixteen and chose to go forward after his junior year.

The player had been awarded as the 7th best player in the country by HoopScoop in year 2004. The school and university teams paid Nick a handsome amount due to his remarkable performances in various matches of the time which gave a push to Nick Young Net Worth. From year 2004 to year 2007 he played his college he attended during those years.

Nick Young Net Worth from Los Angeles;


Later on in 2007 he was selected as 16th chosen player by the Washington Wizards, there he joined NBA draft. This team added to Nick Young Net Worth a big amount. Then he remained for 5 seasons and then moved by trading him to Los Angeles Clippers in year 2012. This season went very good but the contract ended in that season.

Nick Young Net Worth and Salary:

Nicholas Aron Young is a top player of his home town team who has played a lot of matches successfully.

Nick Young Net Worth is being increased on regularly bases due to a handsome amount of salary he gets as a team member.

Nicholas Aron Young gets approximately 5 million dollars as his salary per year. According to his contract with his team his salary is 4 million dollars per year but accumulated with the bonuses he gets with the basic salary it becomes 5 million dollars.

 If we estimate this amount on monthly basis it becomes round about 417000 dollars per month.

It means that the basketball player gets approximately 14880 dollars as his salary per day.

This is almost 65 % of the player’s total net worth at present.

Nick Young Net Worth from endorsements;

Nick Young has almost 3 out of 8 million dollars from income sources other than his salary he gets from Los Angeles Lakers like endorsement deals. Most of these deals he does with media advertisers.

Nick Young Net Worth contains a reasonable amount the basketball player gets from his contracts with some sport giants like Nike Adidas and other brands like this. Some of these type of brands give some of the income annually too though the exact amount added to Nick Young Net Worth this source is not disclosed or expressed publically.

Assets and Property in Nick Young Net Worth:

 The famous young player also owns a house having fair market value of round about 3 million dollars to 5 million dollars. He bought this Tarzana villa in California in with his girlfriend Iggy.

Other than that he also owns a car costing almost 100000 dollars.  This car was gifted by her girlfriend who is a rapper and singer.

Nick Young Net Worth compared with the rich young basketball players of the present era;

  • Omer Arik has a net wort equal to approximately 28 million dollars which becomes nearly 3.5 times higher than that of Nick Young.
  • Another famous basketball player Andre Miller has 70 million dollars as his net wort which is 7 times greater than that of Nick Young.
  • Steven Adams has 3 million dollars as his net worth which is almost one third of that of Nick Young  Worth.
  • Net worth of Andre Robenson owns a net worth of 2 million which is equal to one forth of that of Nick Young.
  • Lorly Joseph net worth is also equal to one third of that of Nicholas Aron Young.
  • Another competent basketball player Kermit Washongton has 25 million dollars in his net worth which is 3 times larger than Nick Young Net Worth.

Nick Young Net Worth and fine;

Nick Young is not doing as much well now a days. Along with that he has paid almost one million dollars all over the career till now as a fine.

Nick Young Net Worth and his spending;

The basketball players is living in a god standard and spends a handsome amount monthly.

He is engaged to a rapper Iggy Azalae and has gifted her many expensive presents including engagement ring costing 500000 dollars. Though due to some issues their relationship has been paused by Iggy now a days.

Nick Young Net Worth overall;

  • Total net worth is 8 million dollars.
  • Cash earnings he got from one season starting from year 2015 and ending in 2016 is almost 5.2 million dollars.
  • He receives salary under his four years contract which is equal to almost 21.5 million dollars, (5 million per year).
  • Other income is received from endorsement which is unknown.