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Nicki Minaj plastic surgery: The Ultimate Guide To Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

With colorful wigs and astonishing rapping style, Nicki Minaj won hearts of everyone. She was born in year 1982, on 8th December. Not only a renowned singer she is a famous model, song-writer and American rapper. “Billboard U.S 200” number one music album in year 2010 and 2012 were Nicky Minaj’s music album name “Pink Friday” and “Pink Friday-Roman Reloaded”. This singer has achievement of attaining title of first female who gave simultaneous seven singles and won top position on “U.S billboard Hot 100”. In “MTV’s Annual Hottest MC list” she is one of that female rapper who got included in that list. She was entitled with “Most Influential female rapper of all time”. With her unique style of rapping, color-full wigs and costumes she has introduced the world with different style of singing.

Being famous as a great singer she is also famous with tag of Nicky Minaj plastic surgery. Yes! Everyone talks about Nicky Minaj plastic surgery and even mention that she gone under the knife several times. In this article we are going to provide information regarding Nicky Minaj plastic surgery procedures adaptation. Nicky Minaj before and after plastic surgery body figure has visible effects that even a child after watching her past and current images can tell about on which body part she went under the knife. The most visible change in Nicky Minaj is that Nicky Minaj before plastic surgery used to look slim from her back. But now Nicky Minaj butt implants is that change which is the most obvious change in her body.

After comparing Nicky Minaj past and current images following speculations have been made about her plastic surgery.

Nicky Minaj “Botox Operations”

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

Through surgical interventions this celebrity got rid of her wrinkles. She declare it make-up skill but No! It’s not true. Having so much shinny as well as wrinkles free skin is not possible without adapting Botox operations. Critics on her denial of plastic surgery always made comparison of her past and current images and that comparison always pointed towards her adaptation of plastic surgery. Chemical such as Juvederm might have been used to make her facial skin free from wrinkles as well as to tighten her facial skin. Nicky Minaj mentioned that she is on dietary regulations and this is the reason she looks fresh but her un-natural skin does not support her statement. She definitely went under the knife for adapting Botox operations.

Nicky Minaj “breast implants”

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

Looking at Nicky Minaj past and current images it seems that Nicky Minaj’s plastic surgeons have done sub-standard job. Her plastic surgery adaptation clearly looks in her body. There are some celebrities in Hollywood who went under the knife and their surgeons kept their surgery natural. But in case of Nicky Minaj plastic surgery, her changes are so obvious and un-natural. In past Nicki used to have slim body figure and normal breast size but now her breast and butts are not according to her slim body figure. It seems that she went for breast implants as well as butt implants. Because of un-natural change in her breast size, this thing is clear that she adapted breast implants.

Nicky Minaj “face lift”

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

She is 34 years old and it is obvious that she must not have the sagging facial skin. But at the same time lacking frown line at this age is not possible. She claims that all this because of good concealing but critics mention that this facial skin can only be achieved by face lift technique. All this is because of her un-natural face skin that everyone debate on her plastic surgery adaptation.

Nicky Minaj “butt implants”

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

During singing Nicky Minaj is known for her body language. This girl has unique style but from her past image currently her body language as well as body figure has changed to great extent. Her butts seem that she has adapted procedure of butt implants. Nicky Minaj butt implants have boosted her body figure but also left a loop pool which point towards her adaptation of plastic surgery.

Nicky Minaj “Nose Job”

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

After making comparison of Nicky Minaj past and current images it seems that she might have undergone nose job. She claims that all this is because of wearing eccentric make-up but people and critics do not accept her statement. In her past images she used to have bulbous nose but now her nose bridge have become slim. This cannot be possible with contouring so she possibly went for nose job. People also comment that why make-up she used to use in past showed her this way and why she look so different now.

Well! Above mentioned content has been gathered after analyzing Nicki past and current images. Let us know what you guys think about Nicky Minaj plastic surgery after taking a view on her past and current images.