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Do not modify Test Cricket until a solution is found.


The growing reputation of the 2 shorter types of cricket has shed uncertainty on the test matches future.

The explosive fast paced nature of; particularly T20 has leapfrogged the tactical and patient 5 day sport to turn out to be more in-demand worldwide. With the whole thing in the current age that is admired have to be fast like cars, food, social media etc. It is uncomplicated to observe why the similar is implied to cricket.

Consequently, the ICC (International Cricket Council) has been discussing ideas to create methods to construct the test stadium more ‘fashionable’ and amplify interest.

For my part, I am a fan of test cricket. I can watch all 5 days continuous and not get fed up. But, at age of 22, I am possibly in the middle of the dinosaurs of cricket. Who do not pursue cricket or have restricted info of cricket will merely be capable to eagerly remember a few of Chris Gayle’s giant sixes, more willingly than be quietly overwhelmed by James Anderson’s capability to bowl on constant line and length.

The ICC has lately re-focused on amplifying popularity of Test Cricket, essential for the sport to be successful in the current climate.

An innovative idea was listed, which was to form a two league intended for test playing countries. The thought behind this was to boost competitiveness and raise more factor of risk with the aim to make relegation and promotion a serious notion inside every round.

Conversely, this idea was put on hold last month. If something, the latest test series has confirmed this was the right decision and that permitting every member country to play every other is the most excellent way onward in favor of test cricket. Bangladesh’s success in opposition to England has demonstrated that ICC countries that would be ranked as ‘second tier’ can still contend with top countries which is best for all engaged, with the unbiased supporter.