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Obama: Congress Veto Override of 9/11 Lawsuits Bill ‘a Mistake


The President of U.S is Barack Obama who said in a Congress and made a mistake by the veto overriding and the bill is pushed through the legal actions in the 9/11 attack against Saudi Arabia.

A dangerous precedent was set for the individuals in the world in suing of U.S government.

The vote for Mr. Obama power of veto was ruled over.

The director John Brennan was the director of national security implication. Also, he added in it, it is potentially huge to be downside.

The justice was against the terrorism sponsors legislation and the doors are opened for the families who victim in the Saudi government member to suspect about playing role in the attack of 9 / 11.

The hijackers were 15 in number who got attacked by the nationals of Saudi and the kingdom was rich in oil. Ally was denied by a role of attack which left about 3, 000 people dead.

The intelligence of U.S was suspicious about the hijackers and the connections were in the commission of 9 / 11 evidence with the senior Saudi officials.

About 3, 000 people were killed in the attack which were deliberately planed and seized into the Pentagon and World Trade Center. The plane was hijacked to bring down the field in Pennsylvania.

He congressional vote was reacted on Wednesday which was told by Mr. Obama and CNN. The precedent was dangerous and it came out to be an example for something hard.

Congress is wished here good luck.

Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with the sympathy of the families of 9 / 11.

Al the work done in the surroundings is exposed to all the liabilities around the world and they find them in the lawsuits privately.

Embarrassing Situation

Obama suggested his colleagues to vote in the pattern which influence the concerns of politics. The voting against the election is not surprised and people take this. This is the right thing that we do.

The House of Representatives were meaning the bill to become a law. This spokesman of White House told the reporters about the most embarrassing situation of the United States which has never been done in decades.

The supporters measure the legislation of contendents to apply under the act of terrorism and the US soil occurred. Mr. Obama swiped the relations with Saudi Arabia and this executive branch and White House felt interested in the considerations of diplomate according to the Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

They seem to be interested in Justice and families.