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Obama says, Donald Trump contains no fundamental honesty for being a president.

Obama says, Donald Trump contains no fundamental honesty for being a president.Barack Obama President of US has knocked Trump, stating that the he does not contain the knowledge, character or “basic honesty” as his descendant at White House.

“He does not comprise the knowledge, or the temperament, or the judgment, or, in fact, the aspiration to acquire the knowledge or basic honesty that a President requires to have,” Obama stated at a rally of election in North Carolina.

In four weeks a time that remains, Obama is anticipated to strengthen his campaign in opposition to Trump and campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee, his ex-Secretary of State.

In his talk, Obama stated Trump is dissimilar as of the 2 earlier Republican nominees Mitt Romney and John McCain.

“When I was running in opposition to John McCain and Mitt Romney, we had severe differences on economy, foreign policy and social issues. Those elections were close and challenged. We had debates. But the fact is, though, clearly, the agenda that we placed was the superior agenda in favor of America, I never considered that those people were not worthy,” he stated.

Obama stated the reality that Trump is not capable of being the president was recognized even earlier than sprouting of the tape of 2005 in which he is noticed making vulgar remarks regarding women.

“So, like, tweeting does not make you eligible. Sound bites do not succeed you. Insults surely do not qualify you. Nobody can completely know what it is like to handle a worldwide crisis, or recognize the sensation of sending a young individual into battle. But I notify you, nobody has been nearer to those conclusions than Hillary,” he stated with applause and laughter.

“That was right even earlier than we heard regarding his attitudes for women. Now, certainly, it was right when we took notice of what he thought regarding minorities, and what he considered regarding citizens of the Muslim religion, and while he made fun of persons who are disabled, or when he offended families of Gold Star,” he stated.