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Obama wants to congratulate “Trump on Triumph”.

Obama wants to congratulate

Surrendering his party’s astounding electoral beat, Barack Obama, the President called Donald Trump to meet him to talk about the power surrendering from his management to Trump’s.

The White House stated Obama invited Republican in the morning to praise him on his success in presidential crusade, which blotted a powerful reprimand by the people to 8 years of Obama in office. The 2 leaders arranged to assemble on Thursday at White House. Obama then will update Trump regarding ongoing development for shifting.

Obama was to present his initial response to the election afterward Wednesday in a broadcasted speech that the White House stated would concentrate on “what steps we can acquire as a nation to collaborate subsequent to this tough election term.”

“Guaranteeing a smooth changeover of authority is among the top concerns the president acknowledged at start of this year and a conference with president-selected by ballot is the subsequent step,” Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary satedt in a report.

For Obama, the action of arranging the meeting is a meek blow to his heritage and to his anticipation for leaving an eternal mark on policies of nation.

Obama also contacted Hillary subsequent to it turned out to be clear she had been beaten in the race. The White House stated Obama had “expressed respect for the powerful campaign she carried out all over the country.”

It was uncertain how substantive was Obama’s call by way of Trump, or how extensive it was, even though the White House only noted that Obama made the call from his White House residence, except from West Wing.

Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager of Trump’, stated it as a “warm discussion” and “gracious exchange.” She stated Trump had failed to see the original call of the president as Trump was talking to followers in New York, then called back him later than parting the stage.