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One dead and 27 injured: Belgium train derailment

After departure from Leuven station on Saturday, Belgium train derailed and as result one car overturned, several injuries and one death occurred.

One dead and 27 injured: Belgium train derailment

Almost 100 people were on board when this unpleasant derailment occurred. According to railway operator 50 passengers were evacuated by emergency services.

Town police of Leuven said on Saturday that one person has died as result of this train derailment and 19 people have got severe injuries but now according to sources it has been found that 27 people are seriously injured.

This train was travelling from Leuven to capital Brussels and the timing when the train derailed was 1:15pm and 100 people were boarding at that time.

Train derailed after few minutes when it left Leuven station and one of cars which overturned has given this statement that they do not know the exact reason of derailment.

Now it has been found from some sources that a rescue worker has said that in train derailment a carriage toppled from side which might be the reason of derailment.

Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michael attended this tragic scene of train derailment and Brussels and Leuven services got suspended which lead the other trains to airport.

Rescue services told that the person who died as result of this train derailment was found underneath of the carriage which fall from small slope and that person was not on train. This incident happened at east of capital at 25 km when train departed from Leuven.

One dead and 27 injured: Belgium train derailment


Down the slope that damaged carriage which became the reason of train derailment can be seen. It is worth mentioning here that in February 2010 and in last June other train incidents resembling to this train derailment incident has occurred and February train incident happened at south west of Capital Brussels.