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Oxford positioned top university of the world.

Oxford positioned top university of the world.

The oldest University of English people The University of Oxford is ranked at top position in a worldwide education standing for the initial time, except its vice-chancellor cautioned that Brexit possibly will harm its long-term prediction.

Oxford banged the winner of previous 5 years, California Institute of Technology, into 2nd spot in the worldwide league table of “Times Higher Education”, which in addition witnessed Chinese universities ascend quickly.

Oxford, which served 4 of the previous 6 prime ministers of Britain, expelled its U.S. competitor subsequent to its funding of research increased 10% and on the whole funding increased to 1.4 billion pounds, whereas the influence of its research amplified, Phil Baty stated, editor of rankings.

But Baty stated Britain’s departure from European Union “is a severe risk to our achievement” by making it difficult to draw top educational staff and offering them research projects.

Brexit threats pushing away students, funding and staff, Professor Louise Richardson, vice-chancellor of Oxford said to BBC radio.

Richardson stated competitor universities had increased efforts to rustle the 17% of the faculty of Oxford who are citizens of EU, and whose position in Britain was not guaranteed any longer subsequent the 23rd of June vote.

“There are several universities on the planet that would be delighted to comprise them and who are coming near to them and inquiring if they would go back to their universities in its place,” she stated.

The administration had in addition presented no assurance that it would reinstate approximately 67 million pounds per year it accepts as of the European Research Council to finance its work, she stated.

“To be truthful we are actually quite bothered regarding it.”

Whereas Oxford, the London’s Imperial College and University of Cambridge are also in top 10 together with ETH Zurich, the listing is ruled by universities of U.S..

Stanford University is on 3rd place.

Cambridge is on 4th place.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is on 5th.

Harvard is on 6th place.

Princeton is on 7th place.

Imperial is on 8th place.

ETH Zurich is on 9th place.


Berkeley, University of Chicago and University of California are at 10th place equally.