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Pakistan laid blame on 8 Indian embassy officials of spying

Pakistan laid blame on 8 Indian embassy officials of spying

On Thursday Pakistan blamed 8 employees of Indian embassy of connection in terrorism and spying but stopped without banishing them, in the most recent obvious move of tit-for-tat as associations among both countries collapsed.

The statement came days subsequent to a similar New Delhi move, which blamed six Pakistani ambassadors of being fraction of a spy group, enforcing Islamabad to take out them of their seats.

“Several Indian staff and diplomats have been uncovered engaged in organized radical and rebellious actions in Pakistan underneath the attire of diplomatic tasks,” Nafees Zakariya, spokesperson of foreign ministry said to a press conference in Islamabad.

He continued to name those 8 men with one charged of employing a fake identity to pretend as a worker of mobile network of Pakistan.

“All these 8 officials were caught up in subversion, espionage and behind the terrorist activities,” he stated.

Tensions among Pakistan and India have ascended since an attack previous month taking life of 19 fighters on an army base of India close to the effectively border separating the unclear Kashmir, the most horrible such assault in over a decade.

India held responsible radicals in Pakistan and stated it had reacted by executing strikes on the heavily-militarized border, whereas Islamabad refutes these ever happen.

Cross-border bombardment among the 2 countries has directed to as a minimum 14 deaths of civilian in November only.

Kashmir is divided among Pakistan and India from the time of their freedom in 1947 from Britain. Both declare the full region and have clashed in 2 wars because of the mountainous area.

The most recent round of political expulsions started on 27th of October when India apprehended a visa official of Pakistan charged of spying, afterward proclaiming him “persona non grata” and transfering him back home.

Pakistan reacted with a parallel move the similar day.