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Park boom lost charm in her personality: Plastic surgery effects


Park boom lost charm in her personality: Plastic surgery effects

Park Boom is known by 2NE1 (South Korean girl group), a musical group formed by YG entertainment. Park Boom is a famous Korean singer.  She was born in South Korea (Seoul), but she studied in United States. She was born in 1984, on 24th march. In Korea she is known mononymously by the name of “Boom”. Well! She began her career in singing in 2006 and since then she is one of the leading singers of Korea. Before 2009, she was a solo singer and her single releases were praised by everyone. In 2009, as a main vocalist in 2NE1 she started working with YG Entertainment. Not only famous as a great singer she is also known for her dancing and acting skills. Mariah Carey and Beyoncé are her inspiration and this inspiration has always made her to be better than them.

Recently news is in air regarding Park Boom plastic surgery. Everyone is commenting on her new look. In Korea to go for plastic surgery is not a surprising thing. Even teenagers in Korea go for cosmetic surgeries and different treatments to enhance their beauty. So people are not surprised by news of Park boom plastic surgery. Actually they are shocked by her new look in which she has lost her cuteness. Her fans are facing difficulty to accept her in this way.

Changes in Park Boom personality after plastic surgery

If you guys watch her before and current images then you will come to know that she has now changed to an obvious extent. First of all her cuteness has lost somewhere. When you take closer look on her images you will come to know that she worked on her almost every facial feature. Well! Some obvious treatments related to Park boom plastic surgery are as follows:

  • Chin job
  • Nose job
  • Eyes job

Now we would like to mention about her eyes job first as her eyes were small like all Korean people. But if you take a look on her current images her eyes have become round and wider.

Her chin got changed from the previous Park Boom images and now she looks different because of her change chin.

Her nose is the obvious change which she herself admitted that because of a disorder she took treatments on it. But according to expert reviews this is not related to health matter. She definitely went under the knife for her beauty. She took the same treatments like other celebrities take for their beauty purposes.

After Lee Min Ho, Famous Korean Actors who did numerous plastic surgeries on her face and now Park Boom Plastic surgery news is all around everywhere. As it was a shock for her fans so this is the reason experts and other celebrities as well are discussing about her plastic surgery news.

Park Boom explanation on her Plastic surgery news

As news of Park Boom plastic surgery is in air so she came in view regarding this news. She said that before judging about her new looks people must go for the true speculations. She said that as all the people are talking about my nose job rumors so I would like to tell them all that changes made to my nose are the results of the procedures to treat the lymph node disorder. She said that she took those treatments to improve her health which was necessary for her life.

But the people reaction on all this is simply that where was the need of doing amendments in almost every facial feature. People are most of the times debating on her eyes, nose and chin. As from images it can be clearly seen that these facial features have changed almost completely. This thing is disappointing for Park Boom fans. Some of the fans of Park Boom even bully her regularly for her this act of plastic surgery. They are actually commenting for the charm and glory of Park Boom which she used to have and which was the reason she had so many die heart fans. Some of her fans are expecting from her that now she will not go for any cosmetic surgery as she had done enough amendments to her facial features.

We would like to mention one thing more that she was recently in news because of drugs scandal and now news of Park Boom plastic surgery has again made people to talk about her in fussy way. Drastic transformations happened to Park Boom after this cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery has left a question mark to other celebrities that they before going under the knife must think about their fans.

This demure looking and sweet cute girl has now made herself like a plastic stuff. We can say that doing cosmetic treatments on her chin was one of the tragic decisions she has ever took. This thing has changed her personality and her cuteness is lost forever!