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Paul Ryan, Donald Trump to Appear at GOP Fall Fest in Wisconsin

Paul Ryan, Donald Trump to Appear at GOP Fall Fest in Wisconsin

The house speaker, Paul Ryan has a campaign with Donald Trump which was for the very first time in Trump and it became an official from the nominee of GOP.

The Republic of Wisconsin is set to be appeared on the fall festival of Saturday in the country of Walworth which is also an annual GOP fundraiser of the district of Ryan and it was the release of press and was sent to the office on Thursday afternoon.

Republican event is billed as a unity event which features the festivals of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the incumbent is Sen. Ron Johnson to face the tough re – election of the fight against the Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold and the attorney of general with the state GOP chairman.

The appearance of Trump was not mentioned with the release of third paragraph.

According to the Politico, the team of Trump was approached to the office of Ryan about this campaign to be together. Ryan responds by the invitation of Trump with the annual event in the other top Republicans in that state.

It is not so clear that Ryan and Trump appear with each other on Saturday.

Trump is kept with Ryan to the reality show to become the star of assistance and the nominee of the waiting weeks to get Trump locked up in the nomination of GOP which also offer condemning and endorsement of some of the inflammatory statements of Trump.

The insistence of Trump supported the vice presidential nominee of Mile Pence and the Indiana government had a longtime friendship with Ryan who dated back together in Congress.

Ryan is widely believed to have future presidential ambition which does not appear in public with these nominees. He runs essentially with the campaigns every year which touts a better way to the agenda that gets a bit of resemblance to the platform of nominee in the apparent effort of the kick start to rebuild their GOP with the loss of Trump in November.