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Police helicopter was taken down during raid on Mexico cartel

Police helicopter was taken down during raid on Mexico cartel

Alleged associates of a criminal unit took down a guard helicopter for the duration of a police action in southwestern Apatzingan a Mexican town. 4 officers and a pilot passed away in a fight by means of the gangsters, the governor of the state wrote.

The helicopter was giving support by air to the police in service in the region almost not reachable by ground. The police officers were on an assignment to take into custody leaders of the gang in the town infamous for its flourishing drug lobbies.

“During the action, an authorized helicopter which was providing the watch in region of complex admission was shot down,” governor of the state of Michoacan, Silvano Aureoles wrote. Apatzingan is situated in the western region of Michoacan.

“We mourn the loss of the pilot, 3 officers of police and one police officer who was wounded,” he further said.

In a touching sequence of posts on Twitter, Aureoles promised that together the national and the state establishment would carry on tackling gang aggression in the city.

“In observance with the accountability to defend citizens, neither the state, nor the federation is going to quit in the great effort in opposition to crime,” he stated, pressuring that the hard work to grasp the suspected persons are in progress.

It is not the initial time the mob cells supervise to blow down helicopter of law enforcement in states of Mexico prepared by violence of gang.

In 2015 May, gangsters as of Jalisco New Generation drug lobby took life of 6 soldiers and gun down a helicopter of military contributing in the opposing-cartel state unpleasant code-named “Operation Jalisco” by means of a rocket-boosted grenade in a state western of Jalisco.

Michoacan has been recognized as among the hub of Mexican controlled crime. In 2006 December, Felipe Calderon, President of that time, set out armed forces to that state in an extraordinary progress to oppose the growth of drug mafia.